We all know one of the best ways to get local information is fro locals. Wandering around and getting lost are other great options which I love, but these two are different methods to approach.



When I was in Jeju island this summer, I met a group of Singaporean girls who are really into Korean culture. Their last night we sat down and had some beer together. Those girls were extremely shy but once we got close, we share our love of the world like usual.

We ask them about ‘Where to go do what’. Whan an idea! 🙂

They wrote this valuable information on their brand new Teddy bear note pad from Teddy bear Museum in Jeju island. Thanks girls!

Singapore has very mixed reputation. It’s a highly recommended destination from one and soon it is one of the ‘just for a short layover’ place. Every destination has a zigzag review but not much like Singapore. I enjoyed ever a week in Singapore during my backpacking, especially China town and Little India. Those cuisines.. yum!

Oh well, anyhow, let’s see what do the Singaporean ladies have to say.



-May / June/ July : sale! June is the biggest.

1. Bugis Street

Location : MRT Green line Bugis, Get out of MRT, cross road

Time : 11am ~ 11pm

2. Orchard road

Location : MRT ORchard, and go ‘Far East Plaza’

3. Somerset

Location : MRT Somerset, and go Sommerset 313

#Theme park

1. Universal Studio

Location : MRT Purple line Harbour front –> Take shuttle bus to Sentosa ‘Palawan Beach’

#Eating (Chinese)

Char kway teow (noodles) : SGD $3

Laksa (noodles, spicy)) : $3

Hokkien Mee (noodles) : $3

Chicken Rice (and ask for chilli) : $3

Carrot Cake (Black : Sweet sauce / White : egg)

Bak Gut Teh (肉骨茶)

Minced meat noodle

Fried Fish noodles (Fish head is on the stall)

#Eating (Malay and Indians)

1. Mee Rebus (Noodles, spicy)

2. Mee Siam (Noodles)

3. Tandoori Chicken

4. Roti Prata : Plain / Egg / Cheese / Sugar / Ba

nana / Onion with Milo Dinosaur


1. Night Safari: Singapore Mandai Zoo

Location : MRT Red line Ang Mo Kio / Bus 138

2. MacRitchie Reservoir

Location : Bus 980

3. Cultural sightseeing

Bugis (near Raffles Hospital) : Haji Lane and Arab Street

Bugis : Kampong Glam

Little India

China Town

#Drinking (Alcohol)

1. Ann Siang Road (China Town) : Quaint Bars

2. Clarke Quay : Bars and Clubsat night time –> Sightseeing and drinking

#Drinking (Normal)

1. Milo Dinosaur : Eat with Roti Prata

2. Teh Bing (Iced Milk tea)

3. Yuah Yang (Coffee + Tea )

4. Bubble Tea : All shopping centre

I did many things on the list but I missed few! Happy to go back and pick up the rest. Please let me know if I spell anything wrong.

Hey friends who is heading to Singapore, hope this will help you! 🙂  (cc. @Giuliaccia )

9 thoughts on “List of Things to Do in Singapore by a Singaporean”

  1. am a singaporean. and will be happy to bring you around for local delights and so. just let me know if ure coming singapore! i love to bring people around and let them have a feel of my country thou we are small!

  2. Nice list, especially the food! I’ll remember to re-read this article when I go to Singapore again 🙂

    One thing I’d like to add is the Asian Civilization Museum. It is one of the nicest places I’ve been in Singapore. They make Asian Civilization, from Indian to Indonesia, look very cool and interesting. Also, if you have kids, the museum is kids-friendly.

  3. VERY helpful thanks so much – we will ALSO be going to singapore in October (China, Singapore and the philippines!! whooot!!)
    Have been looking at different options of things to do – cant wait!

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