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As I’ve announced through my newsletter, I’m going back to Korea!   I left Seoul on Dec 6th 2011 and haven’t return to Korea since. My first destination was Hong Kong. For the last 14 months I’ve traveled to 23 countries (20 new, 3 revisited) jumping from Asia to North America to Europe (and back to Asia and North America). Now it’s time to revisit Korea.   I’m nervous. Very much so.     If you remember how difficult it was for me to leave because of the cultural restraints, it will be interesting to see how things are different (or the same) while I’m home.

As I’m stepping into a different stage of my travels, I would like to hear your opinions on two things.


One) I changed my header & design on RunawayJuno.com.

I moved on from pink & purple. What do you think? Is there any feedback you want to give me? Please, feel free to send me an email (runawayjuno@runawayjuno.com)!



Two) I want to ask you, “What do would you like to hear from me for next two months?”

I’m having mixed feeling about visiting Korea. It will be really exciting to my two nephews and my family but I’m afraid to confront another big argument (more blaming and name-calling than arguing). I vividly remember how hurting that was. Also it will be great to eating my mom’s food, lying on the heated floor and reading under white ceiling lights.   I can already see myself busy taking notes about everything. I’m excited to get inspired to write about everything (frustrations, holidays, culture, people, city-scape…). And I was thinking, why don’t I ask my readers?  I’ve got may responses from my readers around the world, how they enjoyed reading my life changing stories and admired continuos travels. It menat a lot to me. So, I would love to continue doing a good job, delivering inspiring stories.


You know me, you’ve been reading my stories and following my travel journeys. You know me more than my family in some way. So I’m asking you,


What would you like to hear from me when I’m in Korea? I will feel, eat, and learn a lot while I’m there. What kind of experience would you like to live through me?



Holiday tradition?


What it’s like being an entrepreneur as a Korean?

Photos from Korea?


What subject most interests you?   For the new fans of Runaway Juno, and to jog your memory, here are some posts about Korea: culture, food, people and my life story. You can read about it and tell me what do you want to know more. You can leave a comment on this post, or email me (runawayjuno@runawayjuno.com) with your thoughts.

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Buddha’s Birthday on Cheonggyecheon

Temple Stay

Off the Beaten Path Hiking at Geomundo, Yeosu


  If you want to hear an extended version of a certain story, please let me know. I’m excited to hear your opinions.


Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

After Korea

I will be spending Korean New Year (lunar New Year) traveling around the country and taking care of documents for two months. After that, I’m planning another Asia tour in different countries: the Philippines, Malaysia (again!), Singapore, Sri Lanka and India are on the schedule for now. I’ll be working, writing, photographing and learning through these countries. If you are around, and have any tips for me, please let me know!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! 



22 thoughts on “Please Tell Me, What Would You Like to Hear from Me?”

  1. I absolutely love the new site design! And I don’t know much about Korea, so I’d love to hear about your home life, if people treat you differently after being a “runaway,” acclimating to the culture again, that sort of stuff.

  2. Great job on the site design! I will be really interested to read about what its like to readjust after spending so long away. Best of luck Juno!

  3. Hi Juno – the site looks great. My vote is to hear about “What it’s like being an entrepreneur as a Korean?” My feeling about travel blogs is that I’m usually more interested in the traveler than the travel!

  4. I agree with most here that the new header and design is great. And Korea is definitely is a country that has intrigued me for a long time. The food, culture, EVERYTHING! Looking forward to reading about your return. Safe travels 🙂

  5. I love the new design Juno!! One thing I love about your site is how colorful it is…so different than a lot of other travel blogs that are great but kind of boring in color. lol

  6. I like the new header you propose. Change it up. It’s a new you, on a different type of adventure and the new header seems fitting.

    I’d like to know more about daily Korean life, so tales and photos of the neighborhood you’re living in, where and what you eat, etc… similar to what you do when you’re on the road. Would be nice for those like me who haven’t experienced Korean culture in Korea. I used to work for a Korean company in the US but it’s not the same as being there.

  7. I like the new header, especially how the color of your top plays off the blue/green color of the graphic! (I worked in advertising too long.) Have a great trip back to Korea. I would love to hear how you are perceived, particularly as a female, for going against cultural & societal norms.

  8. Great job with the new design sis! Glad to see everyone likes it 🙂
    And about Korea, well I don’t know much about it, so I guess I would like to know something about the language, the ‘habits’ of people, and see many photos!

  9. Wow it’s always weird to go back after such a long time away. It would be really good to get tips from a native, what’s the best public transport to get etc. so that it’s easier when people arrive.

  10. Really like your new header! I recently got a free jar of kimchi as a promotional gift from a supermarket in Phnom Penh, so would love to hear some food stories that include kimchi, as I have no idea what to do with it. And I also love reading about foods from other parts of the world!

  11. Hello.what a journey U’ve been thru! super envious yet inspiring~ I wanna know more on ‘rediscovering/ re tracing/ saying hello again to the Korea in you’ after running away from home for long time! How’s the travel changed the tastebud of yours,well,maybe..anything..about reconnecting to the Korea in you ^^.. i’m at east coast of Malaysia,Kelantan,would be nice to meet u if u’re cross my state!

  12. Great new web design. Love the colors! Enjoy your time in Korea. I’d love to hear more about the food. You mentioned missing fried chicken while traveling. That’s one thing I miss, too (the US ‘southern’ style). I’m also interested to hear about Korean life in general and more on the culture. Also, I’m curious to know if you will be seeing it now from a ‘traveler’s or tourist’s’ perspective…That could be very enlightening.

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