Kota Kinabalu Malaysia Sunset


“We are late!”

“For what?”

“But it’s okay we still can catch the best part!”


We were quicken our steps toward to the water front of Kota Kinabalu(or KK, like everyone calls it). I’ve noticed that sun was slowly going down but I didn’t get what was ‘the best part’ yet.

There were Noel and Shrik, we said hi, shake hands and sat down on a fence. Shortly after while drinking mango juice from a lady at a local market (which was super delicious), I immediately understood what ‘the best part’ meant. This sunset, that was probably the best sunset I’ve ever seen-unexpectedly. I felt so stupid to didn’t bring my good camera, but document the moment was not my primary concern at the moment. Colour was constantly changing, clouds were making various shapes from a cruise ship to a puppy to a vicious pirate at some point. It felt like watching a short film with an enormous screen. I could capture the gorgeous sunset reflecting from my sunset buddies eyes and their faces.

Amazingly this wasn’t a very special moment for Borneo. This is just one of their many sunset that this amazing. Before dinner, grab a tea or two, walk down to a sunset point and enjoy sunset. That is pretty much a routine for people in Borneo. This felt too good to be true.

This is ‘Borneo sunset’.

Kota Kinabalu Sunset

Kota Kinabalu Sunset

Kota Kinabalu Sunset

Kota Kinabalu Sunset

Kota Kinabalu Sunset


I can’t help myself to have a big happy smile.

Epic sunset at KK

29 thoughts on “Runaway Photo: Borneo Sunset”

  1. Sunset pics are great… and these here especially!

    Sunset pics are nicer than sunrise pics in general, as you can sleep in to capture them! LOL

    1. I love ‘you can sleep in to capture them’. How awesome and how true!!! 🙂 Thanks Melvin. I took these with my compact camera but still it was so vivid! Really, really beautiful sunset..

  2. Great photos. I went to KK with my brother last year and slept on one of the remote islands off shore. We camped in a hiking tent on the beach pretty much having the island to ourselves at night. So much to miss.

    1. Oh cool! We went two islands, and saw people camp there. I thought really would be great to camp there for a couple of days!! This beach, was one of the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been so far. I miss it terribly, already!

  3. Beautiful shots. My favourite is the one of you at the end, you are glowing. I remember how beautiful the sunsets were in Borneo. Couldn’t get enough of them. Our most impressive one we saw there was on Mount Kinabalu above the clouds. I’ll never forget it.

    1. Thanks Deb. 🙂 I think I was really happy. to be there, to see the sunset. I saw Mt.Kinabalu on the way to an island, it looked amazing.
      Can’t wait to see sunset on the top!! 🙂
      Borneo is such an amazing place. I will go back! To explore more. 🙂

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