*Location : Beppu, Japan

*Occasion : It was one of the most interesting place in Kyushu area. Japan is well known as quality natural spa. There are 9 different hell experiences called ‘Nine(9) hells of Beppu’. And I choose to see the most famous ‘海地獄’(Sea hell). It’s called like that because of the water in here is colored cobalt blue. Really blue, right? Besides the fact it’s almost boiling, I wanted to jump in there!

And one of the spa lake, they actually boiled egg in the spa. I don’t know you are suppose to eat it or not..but seems quite dangerous… no? But people eat those, actually. Pretty interesting idea… Eggs in the hell…

If I jumped in there, I could end up like one of those eggs. Scary!



12 thoughts on “Runaway Photo: Eggs in hell, Beppu, Japan”

    1. You do? I’m not that much of a fan.. Loved Beppu though. Such a great area. I visited Japan two times but didn’t feel much love. But I will give Japan a second chance when time comes! 🙂

      1. Juno, I’ll take you to Japan and you’ll love it 🙂 Funny that I visited Korea and I felt the same way as you about Japan. I think we will have to be each other’s tour guides 🙂

        1. I’ll take you up on that!! Yes, Japan is one of the place that I want to explore more. To be fair, I didn’t even go to the capital yet. I will let you know the date and meet me there!!!

  1. Cool photo. This reminds me of the beautiful hotsprings in Yellowstone. The water is clear, but the temp is so hot yoyu can’t jump in! I think I’ll pass on that egg… 😉

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