Luang Namtha is just an hour away from Chinese border. Lots of travelers pass this town from/to China and other Southeast Asia countries. There’s not many things to do around, but it’s a good place to laid back and relax for few days.

There’s one main road, two markets, many guesthouses and not much things to do around. However, the surrounding is worth to explore. And one of the best ways to do so is cycling.

For 8,000 kip (1US$), you can rent a bike for a day. There are several minority villages, temples and Stupa to visit within 10km from the city centre. You’ll pass bamboo bridges, rice terraces, water buffalos and kids who want to say ‘Sabaidee’ to you.


For me, the best thing about countryside of Laos, like Luang Namtha, was the animals. Water buffalos, hens, roosters, chicks, duck family, dogs and cats. They are living around people, as a family.

Stephen and I created a video about the day we cycled around Luang Namtha. Mostly about dirt roads, minority villages, kids, beautiful scenery and ducks. Enjoy!


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