Yuanyang Rice Terrace in Photos: Xinjie, Yunnan Province, China

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Yuanyang Rice Terrace in Photos: Xinjie, Yunnan Province, China

Yuanyang Rice Terrace is a highlight of Yunnan Province

Rice terraces are all around Yunnan Province, and Yuanyang is a good place to start. Yuanyang is divided into two: Nansha and Xinjie and we based ourselves in Xinjie for three days. The journey from Jianshui to Xinjie wasn’t easy but not difficult. The bus got us off at Nansha and we took a town bus to Xinjie from there. Xinjie is basically a town for tourists and shopping for people from nearby villages. I’ve never seen that much different kind of minority village people at one place. It was extremely hectic under the daylight and it got quickly calming down at night.

People say the best time to visit the rice terrace is winter, right after a heavy rain. Luckily, we landed in Xinjie on a very sunny day, and it was foggy and rainy the next day. The third day, sunshine on our back, we started our journey to see rice terraces. There are few ways to look around the neighborhood: rent a minivan, take a town bus, and walk. Be aware, you have to pay to get in some villages. We walked to Longshaba, a nearby town. Just like the guidebook described, it was all flooded and the rays of sunshine are bouncing off the water at sunset.

We walked on the rice terraces for hours. Some farmers gardening their field with their water buffalos and cleaning out the paths. There was an absolute tranquility.

It was extremely difficult to select these photos among 423 photos I took this day, but here we are, photos from Yuanyang Rice Terraces.


Yuanyang Rice Terraces near Xinjie

Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Flooded Yuanyang Rice Terrace

Water buffalos on Rice Terrace

Yuanyang Rice Terrace and a village

Duckies on the flooded Yuanyang Rice Terrace

Farmers and their water buffalo

Yuanyang Rice Terrace

Nice tree on the rice terrace

Flooded Rice Terraces

Juno and Water buffalo

Yuanyang Rice Terrace in Sunset

Flooded Yuanyang Rice Terrace

Juno in the rice terrace

Duckies on the rice field

Rice Terrace in the morning - to Luchen

Rice Terrace in the sunrise

Rice Terrace in the morning on the way to Luchen

Juno Kim
Juno Kim
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  1. I like the water buffalos chilling on the terraces. Always happy to see the world from your eyes, thanks RJ!

  2. Bayard Coulombe says:

    Very beautiful! The beauty of nature is excellent. These land structures are something that I had seen while on my visit to India. On the way to Dalhousie, India, I saw similar rice terraces.

  3. Dean says:

    Beautiful landscape. It always amazes me how they carve the hillsides into these terraces.

  4. Waegook Tom says:

    These are great photos, Juno! I love the one of the two birds looking at the camera, so cute! Also, the one of the flooded rice terrace with the two buffalos and then more rice terraces in the background. 423 photos though, good for you – I think my fingers would have gotten tired from all that clicking!

  5. Ross says:

    Thanks for the photos and the inspiration. I need to start planning another trip!

  6. Stephen says:

    Wow! Great shots! Looks as beautiful as it did in person Glad to have shared the experience with you.

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