Guangxi Province is well known for the scenery. We were also there for explore the scenery but we discovered another Guangxi’s winning point: the food. It is not as charismatic as Sichuanese food, and not well known as Beijing style, but is certainly enjoyable. While I was staying in Yangshuo and Gulin, I had lots of good foods, and here are the photos: Food of Yangshuo, Guangxi, China.


For the starters, Guilin Rice Noodles will fill your hunger any time of the day. Locals eat this as a breakfast, but the stalls always open for customers night and day.


Claypot rice is another not to miss cuisine. It is prepared by putting cooked ingredients on the top of the claypot-cooked rice.


Li River’s fresh fish allows them to cook Beerfish with the local beer: Li-Quian beer. I had an opportunity to observe the cooking process with Chinese chef, Harry. Also the beer is the main ingredient for Beerduck.


Stuffed snails are prepared with pork, ginger and soysauce. Also, from Li River.


Fruits are popular in Guangxi. Especially Shatin grapefruit is widely grown in the area. It is an important product for their Spring Festival. They harvest it around September and October and let them sit for a month or so to make the taste better.


And the list goes on.


Check out this video I made with Stephen: Travel Asia – Guangxi Food.




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  1. Guilin noodles for breakfast! I’ve heard a number of people complain about breakfasts in China and Taiwan. I can never understand why. There’s some great breakfasts there. It’s not fair, tomorrow I will wake up to oatmeal.

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