Sipping light beer under a parasol on a beach, playing games on a boardwalk, grilling burgers and hotdogs: that’s my image of an all-American summer vacation. Summer is a special time in the US, in fact, it feels like the entire country is going on a vacation! For your all-American summer fix, consider these five places.

Cape May, NJ

Cape May Photo: George Lezenby on Flickr

Just fifteen-minute drive away from the Wildwoods, there’s Cape May. They are close in distance but quite different in character. Wildwood is more of a down-to-earth cousin of Cape May. This historic Victorian seaside town has more amenities, like superior restaurants, theater, shopping, and higher-class accommodation options. The Wildwoods are famous for the classic boardwalk and there’s the pedestrian friendly Washington Street Mall in Cape May. The entire Cape May is a National Historic District, with nearly 600 preserved Victorian buildings.

Wildwood, NJ

Wildwood, NJ Photo: Tim Hetrick on Flickr

I was introduced to this beach vacation spot during my first visit to the US. Stephen’s family has been going to Wildwood Crest for decades for their summer holidays and I was invited to their condo by the beach. It was a very new experience for me, and looking back, that was a very classic American summer I had. We went for a swim, sun bathed on a beach with a can of beer, went for ice-cream, played mini-golf, visited the boardwalk, and watched the sunset over the horizon. It was during the popular reality TV show Jersey Shore was on air, so I think the cultural uniqueness was even stronger than ever, if that makes sense. There are more than 8,000 accommodation options the Wildwoods, so pick one and let’s vacation!


Camden, ME

Camden, ME Photo: Arden on Flickr

Where the mountains meet the sea, that’s Camden, Maine. After camping through a downpour in Mount Bigelow in Maine, with a car full of wet everything, we found a small motel in Camden. This coastal town in Maine is rich with history and offers a community of locally-owned shops, art galleries, inns, and is one of the finest places in New England to visit for culinary experiences. For outdoor adventures, hike at the Camden Hills State Park which offers an amazing view of Camden Harbor and Penobscot May.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Some beaches are just better than others. With sixty miles of beautiful sandy beaches and warm subtropical climate, Myrtle Beach is one of the primary tourist towns in the east coast. Not only that, there are first-class live shows, fun attractions, endless shopping, exquisite dining, exciting water sports, adventures, and so much more. Golf, fishing, or boating, you name it, and you can find it here. There’s no shortage of places to stay either. My favorite thing about Myrtle Beach? Walking on the sandy beach during the sunset.


Charleston, SC

Charleston Photo: Ron Cogswell on Flickr

Charleston is the hometown of my favorite political satirist Stephen Colbert. He’s very proud of his hometown, especially after coming back from an amazing summer break he had down there. Well, he has good reasons. Did you know Charleston was voted as the best city in the world? With its oh-so-perfect climate, southern culinary scene, charming hotels, and sandy beaches in Sullivan’s or Folly Beach, Charleston is one of the best places to go on the east coast for your summer vacation. The Battery, a defensive seawall and promenade is also an important place to visit. See, Charleston needs to be on your list if you haven’t been there. Not just Colbert, but many well-known celebrities (like Bill Murray and Danny McBride) are moving to Charleston. Will you be the next?

PS. The grand 2017 solar eclipse passes over Charleston. This is what it said on Eclipse 2017: “The last large city to see the 2017 eclipse will be Charleston. (Here is our detailed eclipse page for Charleston!) It lies on the southern edge of the path, but because folks in Mt. Pleasant will get almost two minutes of totality, Charlestonians should head northeast!”

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