I’m going to Namibia!

This is one of the most exciting travel plans yet. To attend ATTA’s Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS), I booked a flight to Windhoek, Namibia just a few weeks ago. We will be out in the nature for at least eight days, before the Summit. This year’s ATWS has the perfect reason to be excited about. a) The location: as I expressed many times through out my travel stories, I think glaciers and desert are two most beautiful and magical places in the world, no matter where. Walking on the Namibian desert will be the highlight of my travel career. b) The people: It is the first ATWS for me, but I was fortunate enough to associate with the ATTA members through different functions, including recent ATMEX 2013 in Veracruz. You can feel the energy of group almost instantly, and I could feel positive, energetic, passionate from the people. I’m looking forward to spend more time with the amazing group of people.


Did you know, Namibia has the world’s largest population of cheetah and the largest population of black rhino living outside of protected areas?


ATWS 2013

As the ATTA’s 10th Summit, our gathering in Namibia will be special on many fronts. Here is why:

The Summit will be held in a remarkable setting, an environment rich for learning, engagement and where imaginations can roam free.

Namibia has set the stage for conservation. As you explore Namibia during the included Two Days of Adventure, you’ll experience the impact conservation has had on the people, land and wildlife.

The global perspective of this year’s Summit delegation will challenge current thinking and inspire collaboration. The conference agenda will allow ample time for you to explore the top issues facing the industry today alongside your peers.

An abundance of Pre-Summit Adventures will be offered allowing delegates ample time to explore Namibia and take advantage of your time in the destination.

During the 2013 ATWS in Namibia, Summit delegates will enjoy adventures, learning and networking. For an overview of the Summit please review the general flow outline below that includes a brief description of our Pre-Summit Adventures, new “Two Days of Adventure” and the Summit. A large variety of adventures will be offered, with more details to come in the spring.


Please visit ATTA’s ATWS 2013 page to read more detail about the Summit –> 



Pre Summit Adventures


Faces of 3 Deserts: an incomparable safari to the border areas of the vast northern Sand Sea of the Namib

ATWS northern Sand Sea of the Namib

Day 1: Windhoek – Solitaire – Camp 1; Kuiseb view

Day 2: Kuiseb view – Camp 2; Tsondab view

Day 3: Tsondab view – Camp 3; “Long Wall”, Ocean view

Day 4: “Long Wall” – Camp 4; Sandwich Harbour

Day 5: Sandwich Harbour – Overnight in Swakopmund

Day 6: Swakopmund – Windhoek



Two Days of Adventures


Camping at Spitzkoppe

Day 1: A group of bald granite peaks or bornhardts located between Usakos and Swakpmund in the Namib Desert of Namibia. The peaks stand out dramatically from the flat surroundings. (5857 Feet above sea level) Camping at Spitzkoppe is world famous, providing each camper with complete peace and tranquillity; with the majestic Namibian “Matterhorn” as backdrop.

Day 2: Early rise to take a hike to the ever famous Bushman Paradise where one can see the rock paintings. This hike includes a chain climb up a steep slope. Spitzkoppe is known to contain at least 37 rock art sites that span as far as 4000 years ago. Evidence from excavations includes a wide range of stone artifacts used in hunting weaponry and in the preparation of animal hides.



Summit Conference

Tuesday, October 29th – Thursday, October 31st


Our 2013 Adventure Travel World Summit blends the best elements of nine past Summits. We gain more time together in intimate settings to learn, partner and grow, all while gaining progressive insights from imaginative and inspirational featured presentations that will help to ensure our collective investment in the future of responsible adventure tourism pays off.

The Summit will strike a balance between high-impact, inspirational presentations for the entire delegation with facilitated peer-to-peer collaboration, business-to-business marketplace, delegate-media exchange and interactive learning workshops on real-world case studies – plus, ample time for open social engagement, mixers and networking.


MediaConnect – Afternoon

I’m excited to be a part ATTA’s new MediaConnect sessions. It will deliver a fresh Summit format mixing news, media trends and tips from top travel journalists, bloggers and media experts. Delegates receive pitch opportunities to an impressive field of international, top-tier and emerging media.



Recommended Packing List

The organizers of our PSA (Pre Summit Adventures) kindly reminded us the list of items to pack. Since we will be five days on the sand sea, there are certain aspects we need to consider. To those of you who are going to deserts soon, here are the list you need to remember.



The weather on the tour will be quite variable. In the sand sea, the days will be warm to hot. The nights, when the prevailing south-westerly wind that comes from the coast blows, will be warm to cold and if the mist comes through (mostly towards the early morning) it will be cold and wet. Near the coast, the days might also get cold (and wet), the nights will be the same as for the sand sea.

: short pants, long pants, warm pants, long underpants, short and long sleeved shirts, pullover, jacket and windbreaker



For the walk down to the Kuiseb River, a pair of well worn in walking boots will be useful. These boots are also handy for walking in the sand, not so much sand gets into boots as into shoes. Sandals or bare foot are not recommended as the sand will get very hot, during the day up to 60ºC (140°F) and at night, the animals of the sand sea will emerge from the sand and might bite (or sting).

: a pair of well worn in walking boots



The ozone layer in the southern hemisphere is quite depleted. The sun burns relentless and you will get sunburn very quickly if you do not protect yourself. Remember, that the back of your head and the ears must also be protected. The back of the head is important to avoid a sun stroke.

: a hat with a brim, sunscreen (50+), sunglasses


Also… water bottle (more than 1 liter), pocket knife, headlamp, emergency medicine, snacks, extra batteries for the electronics (especially camera)



Runaway Juno at ATWS 2013

From the Pre Summit Adventures to the Summit Sessions, I’m really excited for the two weeks in Namibia. There will be ATTA’s new Media Connect sessions on the last day, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

I’ll be reporting my trip through social networks. Hopefully there will be connections along the way. You can follow ATWS 2013 via #2013ATWS and:

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