Recently, I had two meltdowns during my time as a travel blogger.

First, as I mentioned in an earlier post, my theme managers decided to update the theme, so it overwrote every single adjustments I made over the years. When it happened, I was at a little bakery in Bristol, Vermont, after spending two days in the wilderness of the Green Mountains.


Second, of course, I got malware and Runaway Juno got blacklisted. ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’ I was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, jaunting down the Italian market and eating a Philly cheese steak at a local shop.



How did I deal with it?

First problem, I took two deep breath, and fixed it by re-designing the whole thing.

Second problem, I surrendered and purchased a service through



Reason why I joined

Few weeks earlier before it happened to Runaway Juno, I helped Stephen to fix Malware problem without purchasing any service. Of course we got help from a lot of pro bloggers. But from the experience, I knew I could fix the myself for my website. But the hours and the stress… I didn’t think I could handle the stress. So, I entered and clicked the join button.

As a travel blogger, we spend a lot of time on the road. Sometimes we stop to do online work, but we are moving, constantly. When you have a limited time in certain places, it’s not an easy decision to make if you have to exchange your time to travel and work with a computer. Even though I’ve been working on the website business for two years and quite familiar with a lot of technical terms, I’m nowhere to be an expert. Fixing the problem means many hours of googling, trial and error and over and over again. Important thing is, maintaining a blog is in high priority as well as travel itself. Just like people said, sometimes we have to spend money to make more money. In this case, I spend money to buy some time and save the stress.

Result? is fast. As soon as I registered and asked for help, they immediately sent the guide steps and how long it will take. Runaway Juno got Malware and it was blacklisted. It took a day to fix the problems, and staffs took care of all the problems including request the website review to Google.

They are reliable. Malware problem is not one time thing. Before I got warning from Google, detected another Malware attack and took care it within just few hours.

Sucuri's scanning result for Runaway Juno
Sucuri's scanning result for Runaway Juno


How can I join and what do they offer?

Premium: $89.99/ year for one website. They will check every 6 hours and clean up the problem.

Business: $289.99/ year for maximum 10 websites. They will check every 3 hours and clean up the problems.

Either way, they will provide Cleanup Cases/ Site Scanning/ Monitor & Alert/ Scheduled Checks. And has a great support system. You can issue the ticket to request support, or Skype with their staff to solve the problem.



Disclosure: This post includes the affiliate link of The affiliate program allows me to earn commission on subscriptions generated through Runaway Juno. This is an honest review, depend on my personal experience with


3 thoughts on “Why is Perfect to Protect Your Website”

  1. wow.. that’s expensive though.. but yeah – good for you that a big headache is solved! Poor gal… to get malware alert when you are travelling is not fun!!

  2. Even if you know how to fix a web problem when something goes wrong with your site that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach and the hows of fiddling round stressing when you know you could be making better use of your time has me convinced that there are times when its better to part with some hard earned cash than stress over a problem yourself!

  3. I have two sites. One gets frequently hit by hackers, and one doesn’t. Therefore I purchased Securi for the vulnerable one. It’s been great, aside from one small incident that they did eventually fix. The other site goes down every now and then, however. All in all, I agree with you that Securi is a vital investment for a blogger.

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