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March 2011, I got an invitation from Michael, as well known as @artofbackpackin . He invited me to join Art of Travel Blogging and I gladly accepted the invitation. I’ve been running Runaway Juno for one and a half years now and turning this world into a fun business. I can’t say I’m successful at this stage but happy to say that I’m heading toward a right direction.
Ever since I got back from my US trip, I’ve been working really hard. I’ve been blogging for almost two years, but there are still lots of technical and practical parts that I didn’t know about. Every single day I’m working harder than cubic farmers who I escaped from. And in the process, Art of Travel Blogging came to rescue.


Why Pay?

Travel Blogging

I just created ‘Got Question?’ page. With the same reason. Monetizing with travel blogging is hard but not impossible. For me, most of the problems were there was no one to ask and even I had no idea what to ask. We still can privately send an email to experienced bloggers, but that’s not always an easy thing to do.

If you are frustrated with not knowing, and looking for experienced bloggers to talk to, then you would be happy with Art of Travel Blogging.



10 things What Art of Travel Blogging offers

-Forum topics such as Marketing, Social Media, Making Money, Travel Writing, Photography, Film, SEO, WordPress, and Feedback.

-The ability to ask any number of questions and always get an informed answer.

-It’s like having a personal guide, guiding you through the process to become a successful travel blogger.

-Marketing advantage by getting yourself known in the community.

-A link to your blog and Twitter profile

-Updates of your blog will automatically be fed into our system. Other community members can see what your latest blog entries.

-Existing successful travel bloggers can continue to build a larger network of readership and discuss the ever-growing changes in travel blogging.

-New business contacts in the industry.

-Exclusive webinars. Download earlier webinars and attend upcoming live webinars

-I promise that even if you’re a travel blogging pro, you’re going to learn something new here. If you’re not happy with it, we’ll refund you the money! A 60-day money back guarantee!


Travel Blogging

Why I like it

Michael, the man who’s behind Art of Travel Blogging is well known for his very successful travel blog, Art of Travel Backpacking. I’ve been following his blog, so it’s more convincing that he offers successful blogging tips to travel bloggers.

More importantly, he is very open and easy to talk to. For me, this is an important factor. What you can get out of from the money you pay is important in the premium forum, but the easy access can be a great criteria. Hence, my favourite about Art of Travel Blogging is the forums are very easy to start the conversation. It feels like we are learning and discussing together. Also the answers are helpful and fast.




Blogger ($20.00 for lifetime subscription): Full access to the forums, webinars, and guides.

Regular (Free lifetime subscription): You’ll only be able to talk in the Travel Talk section in the forums and receive newsletters.


If you are unsure to join, Art of Travel Blogging offers a 60-day full money back guarantee with no questions asked. You can contact Michael beforehand with any question. I’m more than positive to say he would be happy to hear from you.



Travel Blogging


Disclosure: This article is written by me, with my own words, because I support Art of Travel Blogging and am an active member. You’ll see me on the forums, asking and answering questions. Moreover, the affiliate program allows me to earn commission on subscribing and joining through Runaway Juno.




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