Weekend getaway at home


Not everyone can travel every day. Pack and take off is a lot harder than it sounds. The places we went to go are the places that we havent’ been, just like the famous quote, but not sure when it’s going to happen. There’s a house to clean, a dog to walk, a job to go and family members to take care of. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself better. A small change is what makes the day different. Without packing the bag, checking in at the airport, waiting in line and taking transportations, you can have a relaxing vacation at home. We just need to twig some. Here are my advices to weekend getaway at home.


Take a hot bath


Hot bath has an amazingly positive power. It enhances blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, and even helps the back pain. Without all the positive medical reasons, hot bath is one of the best ways to relax. Take a hot bath in the middle of the day, but let’s make something different this time.


Dig your cabinet find an old package of green tea that you haven’t used. Low-quality tea that you accidentally bought, an old box of tea that you meant to throw out or the green tea you like, it doesn’t matter. Take those out and fix yourself an exotic hot bath. If it’s a loose tea you have to put a good amount of tealeaves in a tea bag of a coffee filter (and saw/ clip the open part obviously) to prevent the mess after the bath. Weekend getaway wouldn’t be fun if there were a ton of work to do afterwards. If it’s a tea bag, you’ll need at least five of them. Thinking of it as making a giant portion of green tea. Along with the hot bath, green tea also has been proved to be helpful for control the cholesterol and skin condition.


Take a hot bath


*Don’t forget to put the used tea bag out from the bathtub. Otherwise it will leave stains.

*Don’t forget to drink plenty of water before and after the bath.

*Don’t put your head in the water.

*Don’t make the water too hot.


Cook something totally different


Well-prepared food is an important part of the weekend getaway. Now, choose a continent. Spin the globe and stop it. What do you say? Mediterranean? East Asian? African? Where did you want to go for your holiday? Which cuisine always intrigues you? Now online and fine the recipe. Focus on cooking, enjoy the exotic spices in the air. Good thing about prepare meals at home with new recipes is that you can travel three (or more) different places in one day through breakfast, lunch and dinner.





Pack a picnic lunch, and go for a walk


Outdoor activity is a must in the weekend getaway. Why not make delicious snacks and go for a walk? I like to fix picnic food and make a pretty presentation. There must be a few places in a walking distance that you like to go. Bring a blanket and maybe Kindle, and enjoy the sun in the safe place. Don’t! – bring your phone.



Watch movie


Is there any movies that you always wanted to see but didn’t’ have time for it? Now’s your chance. Put on comfortable clothes, snuggle with the blanket, pour a glass of wine (or beer – your choice), turn the light off, crank up the volume like a theater and press play button. If you can, hook up your computer to the TV; it’s just so much better.


Watching movie / Ricoh GXR test


Wash your sheet a day before


Clean sheet is amazing! To make a perfect weekend getaway, you need to work a little bit. Wash the sheet and make a nice bed for a good night sleep on your special day. I like the crispy and fluffy feeling of clean fabrics. Don’t you? It’s such a little thing, but it makes all the differences.



Plan your future travel


If you are happy with your short getaway weekend, now you can actually pick a place to do so in the future. Google the destinations, read about travel tips and information, and write it down on your calendar. It will happen, maybe not today but someday.


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