Saving money on airfare; it’s every traveler’s dream. Whenever I purchase plane tickets (which is quite often), I couldn’t help but wonder if I got the best price possible. After years of continuous travel, the airfare industry still remains a mystery to me. If I could book the cheapest flight ticket in one sitting, that would be the dream come true. Personally, I don’t have much patience for such task! A flight booking engine JustFly came pretty close to the goal.


Introducing JustFly

Online travel agency JustFly is a travel booking site that was launched in 2014 by Momentum Travel Group. Momentum Travel Group is based in Montreal, Quebec and is the parent company of FlightHub, Summit Services, Alio, and JustFly. They receive over 100K visitors daily, over $1.5 billion in sales annually.


Why JustFly

One of the biggest advantages of using JustFly is that they are very convenient and simple service. Airfare booking engines like Expedia and Priceline can be difficult to navigate and cluttered. As you can see from the screenshot below, JustFly’s website is clean and modern. The services and products of other competitors are similar, but JustFly routinely receive positive feedback regarding how easy to deal with and use. One of their customers said “Easy to understand UI, with many ways to sift thru the options. No runaround with ads, opening new windows with different companies’ offers, etc.” John from Lancaster, PA said “Good experience for the first time user”. Joanne from Mesa, AZ said “I loved the low flight and hotel prices! And the website was easy to use as well. Great experience!”. And the good reviews continue.




One more thing; check out their mobile site. It is equally simple and easy to use as a desktop version. Having a well-operating mobile site is a great advantage to have as a flight booking engine in 21st century. Several reviewers commented on how it was easy to book the tickets only using the mobile site.


Giving back

Not only providing a great service for travelers, JustFly’s parent company Momentum Travel Group is also focusing on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). That’s what makes them different from the competitors. In February 2016, Momentum Travel Group donated a total of $25,500 to the Canadian Cancer Society. The amount was selected as part of a broader goal to donate $75,000 to worthy causes in 2016, with the final amounts and charities selected by the staff of Momentum Travel Group by vote. In addition to this donation to the Canadian Cancer Society, Momentum Travel Group did its part to make sure two local families had a Merry Christmas, providing them with winter clothing, toys, transit passes, and other essentials. Momentum Travel Group CEO Matt Keezer is anticipating more major donations to occur over the course of 2016 saying “Momentum Travel Group is committed to donating $75,000 in 2016 to a handful of worthwhile charities,” adding “we are working with our whole team here to determine where exactly they would like to see the money allocated as we want every person here to have a voice in this decision.”


Now, are you ready to JustFly?

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