The New Year is off to a great start. I’m heading to Alaska!

Seeing the Northern Lights has been one of the biggest achievement in my travel history. I’ve been dreaming about the moment since I was little, and it finally happened! I sort of promised myself at that moment, that I should try to visit the Northern Lights region every winter. There’s no reason for me for just longing anymore, because I’m navigating my life with my two hands.

This winter, I wanted to visit Iceland again. If you’ve been following my travels for last few years, you’d know how much I loved Iceland, especially winter. It’s only 5-6 hour flight from Washington D.C., shorter than going to L.A. Then I met Dave.

Dave was born and raised in Alaska, and works at Visit Anchorage. Alaska is a wonderful place, where I always wanted to visit (glaciers, wildlife, cold climate, and Aurora Borealis… what not to like?), and listening Dave’s story and seeing his photo made me want to visit right now. I always have deep respect for people who are proud of their home. After reconcile with winter, I was looking forward to visit somewhere cold this winter.

So, this winter, I decided to pay a visit to the largest state in the US.


Visit Anchorage and Runaway Juno Media will collaborate to create some awesome winter footage. I will be constantly taking photos, as always, while exploring this wonderful state.

These are a few of the main focus of the trip:

*Capturing the Northern Lights once again

*Seeing Alaska as a winter getaway destination

*Alaska Railroad trip to Fairbanks


*Cross-country skiing

*Maybe seeing one or two bald eagles of grizzly bears?


From January 13 to February 2nd, I will be in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and somewhere above the Arctic Circle. Sounds exciting… and cold!  I packed all the warm clothes I have. Hope that’s enough to keep me warm.


I will be reporting the winter scene of Alaska on my social media networks as always! Don’t forget to follow #WinterAlaska and @RunawayJuno  on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram!






# #WinterAlaska project is brought to you by and Runaway Juno Media. As always, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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