After you arrive at the airport, what would you take to hostel? Depend on where you are, there’s a bus, a train, a subway or a taxi. What would you choose?

Even Though I’m a poor backpacker, I prefer take a taxi right after I arrived. Some would say it’s a waste of money because it’s more money than any other methods. However I have my reasons.


First, get lost is the best way to explore the town and I have no argument about that but I don’t want to get lost from the start especially with my 20kg of backpack. So if the price is reasonable I grab a taxi. I can save up my budget in other places.

Second, it’s very good to get information from the taxi driver. Taxi drivers are generally very traveler friendly. After I got on, i open up a conversation with some small talk and start to ask things about the place. Where to go if I want to buy something, or which area is good for restaurants, and how can avoid the traffic.. all that stuff. It’s from locals opinion, and he is the driver from the town so that’s fairly accurate.

Third, sometimes it gives you a great anecdote. Besides all the information I got, sometimes we talk all sorts of things about the specific area, and various subject. It’s one other way to meet people while on the road. Literally, on the road. 🙂


It all happend just yesterday when I arrived at Daejeon station. It was 10 pm, I had a big backpack because I carried a care package for Diana, I meant to take a bus but I found out I was in the wrong side of the road, and I wasted so much time already so I decided to just take a taxi. The taxi driver taught me how to take the right bus I wanted to take. Sweet! We talks about how people are different from Seoul and from here in Deajeon.. and I started ask his opinion about this town. I have to go buy a laptop, and turns out there’s a huge electronic stores on the way to Diana’s place. Super! And he pointed out where to go to eat, who hangout here and there, and how this town used to be and now. All sorts of things. In soft Daejeon accent, which was lovely.


So we were near Diana’s place, but the problem is the area is just filled with residence buildings that looked all same. I had the number of building and the name of street, but people aren’t familiar with the system, apparently. So the taxi driver didn’t know where exactly, and a manager at local supermarket didn’t know either. Then at the same time, the taxi driver saw a delivery motorbike came. He yelled and stopped him to ask. Of course! They are the masters of the area! Who knows this town better than the fried chicken delivery man? Brilliant idea! I showed him the number and name of street, and Voila! He said “Follow me” and drive away. After several complicated corner turns, there it was! The building I was looking for between same looking buildings.

In this short 5 minutes, it was intense and very amusing! We couldn’t stop laughing. The sweet taxi driver said “You are lucky tonight girl!” and smiled. We share a big thank you and smile. Lovely!

Although I spend more money than I expected, but I think it was pretty worth it. Talk with locals probably the best way to get to know the place you JUST arrived.

So, why not take a taxi for a change? Save up the budget from different thing, and try it!

12 thoughts on “Why take a taxi on the first day is good-and what happen in Deajeon”

  1. It all depends where we are – if there is an easy-to-catch train connected to the airport then we’ll do that (eg. Hong Kong) and sometimes have done the bus but we agree that we prefer to take taxis from the airport, particularly after long-haul flights or if it’s nighttime.

    Often all we feel like doing is unpacking and relaxing and the quickest and easiest way to get to your accommodation is taxi. It’s not the cheapest, but there is very little waiting times and you get dropped off at the front door. So long as the cost isn’t too expensive, go for it! 🙂

    1. Yes. When I arrived at Christchurch New Zealand, there’s a city bus and it was very convenient. Same as Hong Kong! Didn’t have any problem there 🙂
      We have many options, and even we are poor backpackers, we deserve that much! 🙂 hehe

  2. We often take a taxi from the airport too! And for all the reasons you said. Just don’t do it if you ever go to Las Vegas because they drive the long way and rip you off! Hope you have an awesome time there =)

  3. Andrea- when in Las Vegas, there are shuttle buses that are reasonable from the airport that go to the strip, if you are lucky, they will make several stops before arriving to your hotel. This will give you a mini tour of the strip so you will get a lay of the land.
    Juno- I agree with you, I like taking a taxi. I am not so adventurous and dont like the lost feeling especially when I first arrive.
    If you go to London there is the Heathrow Express which is a train that will take you into the city which is the most economical way. There are also shuttle buses that are less expensive than a taxi. The taxi from the airport is very, very expensive. Once in the city, the taxis seemed reasonable to me but the tube was pretty easy and of course, much cheaper.
    Happy Travels!

  4. I’m with you. I always take a taxi from the airport too. I have too much luggage to do anything else! Once I’ve stowed my luggage in my hotel room, then I can get to know the public transportation system. I second Andrea’s post though–be careful not to get ripped off by those Vegas taxi drivers at the airport.

  5. That taxi driver was so helpful! What a great ride. I have mixed feelings about taxi drivers. In some countries, they don’t understand English (and I don’t understand their language), which makes it harder to get local tips. I’ve been in cabs/tuk tuks where the driver has no idea where I want to go, but doesn’t turn down the fare! For me, it depends on how easy and expensive the public transportation is.

  6. I guess that depends on where you are. Here in Cairo the taxi is the only solution, but at the same time the taxi driver is not the best person to have a conversation with
    (and most of the time they just speak Arabic, so…!!!).
    Plus, he’ll ALWAYS try to rip you off, especially if he understands it’s your first time here. Not a great welcome 🙁
    Ok, if you come I’ll pick you up 🙂

    1. I will take you up on that! 🙂 Yes I remeber some stories about taxi drivers.. and no I don’t that. haha! But when I have to, I think I have to learn Arabic as well!

  7. I also take taxis too..well it depends in which country..yes i remembered hiring a taxi driver for 4 days in Jordan and it was really and efficient, they also know lots about a country (if they speak any english that is..)

  8. Taking a taxi is definitely our first choice to get out of the airport. But like some pointed out — sometimes taking a subway/train is just as convenient and for a lot cheaper.

    But after a long flight, and arriving late at night when you’re not sure if the buses are still running or not — taxi is a godsend.

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