What’s your relationship with the Universe? Do you believe that the Universe has its ways to lead you? Are you a believer?

Me? It’s complicated.

Last Monday wasn’t the easiest day I’ve had. Let’s just say, things didn’t work out as I had hoped. More accurately, it blew up in the face. My softheartedness ended up presenting itself like a fool. I was tired, hurt, and wanted to crawl in the hole if there was any close by. I called my husband (yes, the one from the popular “I’m Married and I Travel Solo. And It’s Okay” post), and he said “Why don’t you go to Malacca for a day? Forget about work and just enjoy yourself.” Malacca is only 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur; where I currently was. “Maybe…” I had been working hard the past month. I knew I needed a break. But I wasn’t exactly in the mood to pick up and leave.

I didn’t give enough credit to the Universe and my heart (as in, “Follow Your Heart”), but they proved their power the next day. I met up with two of my dear friends Sharmini and Kavitha who live in KL. We met up for an Indian breakfast and naturally, I shared the hardship that happened the day before. I added “Stephen told me to go to Malacca for a day, but I’m not sure yet.” “Malacca?” Sharmini said. “I’m going down there tomorrow to teach. Do you want to come along? I was looking for someone to go with.” She got invited to teach at an Ayurvedic health center in Malacca. She found out there was an extra space for me to stay in her room, and the place does ayurvedic treatments including massages, (naturally). Could this be any more perfect?

So, the Universe had spoken. The Universe was saying “Relax”.

That’s how we started our small road trip to Malacca. The weather was gorgeous; not too sunny but not gloomy. We shared thoughts on a lot of different subjects; motherhood, life goals, childhood, and life. Sharmini is an insightful, spiritual, and inspirational person. I’ve always admired her ever since we met two years ago. We traveled to Peru together last summer but this was the first time we really spent some alone time together. This was exactly what I needed at this time; nurturing, spiritual stimulation, companionship, laughter, and sisterhood. Isn’t the Universe amazing?

Om shanti om

We arrived at Samkkya Ayurveda. The place was in a lovely setting. Trees and flowers are covered the whole property in between traditional buildings, a pool, and a lecture room. More so, the energy of Samkkya was quite peaceful. Again, I couldn’t believe my luck. For a day and a half, I was pampered physically and spiritually. Ayurvedic massage is all about allowing the energy to heal and rejuvenate. The soothing herb-infused oil covered my body. By the end of a 60-min massage, my body was soften, my spirit was lifted, and my mind was relaxed. Some say Ayurvedic massage is about experiencing the unconditional love and compassion from the masseuse. What a perfect way to heal my wounded mind and spirit. We wrap up the treatment with a plate of nice looking vegetarian food.

Massage room at Samkkya

Vegetarian meal at Samkkya


On the way back to KL after a day of pampering, Sharmini asked me why did I think that things like this (the episode of the day before) happen to me. A good question. Why? I think I don’t give enough power to my gut feeling and the Universe. It might sound all gibberish if you don’t believe that sort of things. But it’s true. Everyone is intuitive in some way, especially to the things they deeply care about and people they meet.

Our logical brain and emotional heart are always fighting to balance one other. We don’t want to follow simply the emotion or logic of a situation. “I just don’t feel like it” isn’t a great reason, but also analyzing every single detail isn’t helping either. While the two heads were fighting, I lost connection with my spiritual brain. It’s funny; I wrote about this exactly same subject last year in “Fundamental Things Apply”. I said “Even if I’m a science person who studies the mysteries of the universe, I’m still sparing a small part of me to allow believing in something beyond science (serendipity!). Scientifically speaking, we still don’t know exactly how our brain works. Average human beings use about 2% of their entire brain. Einstein is still the only known person who used more than the average – about 4%.

Om shanti om

There was a book L’ultime secret by Bernard Werber (it was titled “Brain” in a Korean version), that said our body has all the answers of the universe, and our experiences and studies are the process of retrieving the right information. That might be true: what if we already know all the answers? Believe in your gut feeling. Listen to your body and soul. And really dive in. You’ll be surprised that your gut feeling turns out to be quite accurate.” Exactly as it says, I knew about this all along. I also told Sharmini that I’m bad at taking my own advice. This is the perfect example. I wrote this great article with authority, and I forgot all about it.

So I’m starting over. Me and my ‘gut feeling’ reinstated our relationship. I know for a fact that my emotional heart and logical brain wouldn’t not stop fighting to balance each other. But now I know that I have to give both part of me an equal chance.

In addition, when the Universe says “Relax”, I shall do so.

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