If I have a tag cloud of my life, ‘Travel’ would stand out in font bold, 72 point, or even bigger. Even when I am not on the road, I feel like moving all the time. Then, why am I moving? Why can I just sit where I was supposed to and be happy with what I got? I could easily stop making troubles, thinking a world map as a cool wall decoration, but I can’t. It is my choice of a life style, to find out what matters to me, what makes who I am. Most importantly I think travelling is the way to find the home. My home, not meaning of ‘a place you are from’, as ‘a place you feel like’. Nationality is nothing to do with where I want to be or something makes who I am. It matters but it’s not that important anymore. I don’t feel home like where I am right now, and I haven’t found my home yet. I’m still moving and trying to find it. Well, still I have long list of places to go, and plenty of time to find out.

On that note, my ideal house becomes a bit of reality in my little trip to Bangkok, Thailand.




Place my family lived in was a small, three or four stories complex building and my place was like that too. I’ve never been lived in apartment and I am not planning to. I could never feel like home in a place like that crowded. Long time ago, I set some boundaries of a house I’ll get or build. And on the way to find out myself, I added more qualities to it. The basic theme is, a place with fresh air and natural lighting. I don’t like air conditioning system or a super dry heating system. The house should have at least one wall of entire window, it should have many wide open windows so I can feel breeze inside of the house all the time, sky window is a must because I want to watch night sky, I want to have many trees or ocean in front, and would be great to have a high ceiling. It doesn’t have to be big and fancy, at all, and not necessarily all those things are at one place, but that’s just pretty much general idea of my dream house.


Jim Thomson's House


Stephen (the man who’s behind @BohemianTrav  ) came up with the idea to visit Thai home of Jim Thompson, and said “You are going to fall in love with this place!” and he was right. When we were there, I saw a little bit of my dream house to be. It was the definition of a place full of fresh air and natural lighting. Jim Thompson was a US born artist, an architect, and a gifted silk designer. He devoted himself to reviving the craft and gained further renown through the construction of this house combining six teak buildings. Each has a different character but it simultaneously get along really well with each other. The house and the art collection soon became such a point of interest that he decided to open his home to the public with proceeds donated to Thai charities and to projects directed at the preservation of Thailand’s rich cultural heritage.


Jim Thomson's House

Jim Thomson's House

It’s traditional Thai architecture yet very international at the same time. Must be his unique eye toward art collections. One floor was made by Italian marble, all the floors and houses are filled with arts from all around the world. All houses are wooden, and all house is elevated a full story above the ground to prevent any damages from flooding or rainy season. He had his own front yard that could be called as jungle, and several ponds.

Among all the amazing artistic decorations, his living room draws my attention. That was my favourite part of this huge house. The entire wall is wide open to the side-and there’s a canal in front-, nice little windows on the back, sofa in the middle, and beautiful wooden floor. I could picture myself sitting there, sipping ice coffee -or mojito-, reading and quietly chatting. Ah, that’s a life. In the moment, my little ideal house became a reality. And you know what? If I want to have millions of windows, I should have a house in some place generally warm, right? Jim Thomson must be really happy here. Well, this place is too big for me, smaller replica would be perfect.

It was my first afternoon in Bangkok, Thailand. I saw a positive prospect of my future home to be from the beginning of my little trip. And reminded me once more, that why I’m here and why I can’t just sit around.

Jim Thomson disappeared in 1967. He went to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia and never return. It’s Amelia Earhart all over again! Wherever you are Mister Jim Thomson, you made a girl really happy and you are doing a great job to Thai society. Bravo!

So, yes. Utopia IS exist and ideal can be reality. Why not? Thanks to Stephen for the suggestion. It was a superb choice for the first day in Bangkok.


Jim Thomson's House

32 thoughts on “When Ideal Meets Reality: I found My Dream House on the Road”

  1. Wow that house is absolutely gorgeous! I think it’s my dream house too! Wow….

    And I love the idea of having a tag cloud of your life, and how travel stands out from everything else! 😀

    1. Thanks Lauren. 🙂 Actually.. I like the idea too! Tag cloud of my life. Travel and photography is definitely in big fat bold font! What about you?? I know ‘travel’ but what else?

    1. haha Don’t get me wrong, it’s too big for me too!! 🙂 I just liked the living room and the idea of this house. 🙂 Pool!! That would be awesome. I want to have beach as my front yard. Greedy much?? 🙂

  2. Very nice article Juno!

    I have been to Bangkok but not to the Jim Thompson House.

    It seems completely out of place of Bangkok. Next time I will definitely head there!

    1. I can totally picture you hanging out here too. But I think if you put your hammock in the front yard, it would be perfect. And a beer on one hand. No more made-out-of-snow-couch-and-beer-holder !

  3. It does look like the house is laughing. I like that. 🙂

    Me, my idea of a dream house is fairly undefined. I just have a general feeling that I want enough space to breath but not so much that the house swallows me whole. In fact, the only solid thing I know is that I want a power shower in a proper shower cubicle, not one that’s just attached to the bath.

    Though the house valuation of pretty much any property is out of my reach, so I doubt I’ll be landing my dream home any time soon.

  4. What a great house! I agree with all of your points. I actually love watching house hunter shows from around the world. It’s interesting to see homes from different areas and see what people really like. Feel like i just went on a house hunters show with Juno! 🙂

    1. Yay! I’d love to be your host of the week of House Hunter. Yes, it’s funny this is the first house that I really can picture myself in it. Well, it’s too big and not perfect in many ways but you know, little bits and pieces are just great!

  5. Glad I suggested such a good place. That was my second time back to Jim Thompson house and maybe I’d visit again too.

    Juno, I’ve been traveling fror the past 10 years and subconsciousy always looking for a “home”. But in the end, I think home is more the people and person we are near and the place can be many different ones.

    1. Me too! It was great to start. Glad to see calm side of BKK before I witnessed all the craziness on the road!
      I guess you are right. Just like the song ‘a house is not a home without you’. What’s the point if I’m at the perfect place alone. And that is why I’m so happy on the road because I’m surrounded by the people who have full of wanderlust. Not the party-oriented-university students of course. 🙂 As much as I want to be happy, I want to live near people who are happy.

    1. Yep, there’s always a next time. I totally pictured myself sitting here, hanging out. Or maybe I should put a hammock in somewhere in the house too!

  6. Nice traditional house..and the garden feel as like back to the nature 🙂 In Indonesia we call “Rumah Panggung” You should come to Indonesia. In my dad hometown North Sulawesi you’ll find Wooden Housing Craft, specialized create & build “Rumah Panggung” with knockdown system. You’re articles reminds back to my grandma house.

    1. I bet Indonesia is going to be beautiful adventure for me. Would love to visit a traditional style of Indonesian house- Rumah Panggung is it?
      House around the nature is really the best place to people to live, I think.

  7. Wow, I think you’ve found my dream house as well, Juno. Absolutely loved the pictures. I love going places and seeing beautiful and amazing houses and imagining I was living there. 🙂

    1. Soft spot for Thailand? Definitely.. 🙂 But I can’t wait to see more of Thailand, especially North and South. Chiang Mai in North and all the beach and islands in South!

    1. Thanks Claire. I really liked that place. I haven’t been to many places while I was in BKK, but I’m really glad I visited Jim Thomson’s house.

  8. I didn’t go when I went to BKK last year, as it sounded a bit boring in the tour guide, but now that I have seen your photos I really wanna go. Beautiful house. If it had aircon it would be my dream house too. 😉

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