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What I was doing

After the epic escape from the cubic farm, I traveled to America: Road tripping around New England and Quebec. And I came back end of September. Ever since I got back, it wasn’t easy to be at home, to be honest. I had problems with, well, most of the people I know from here before I left, and those weren’t gone for the time being. But since I determined myself to proceed plans for my life, I had to bare it no matter how hard it was. So, I did. But I got to say, it wasn’t easy.

For last couple months, I was continuing working on Runaway Juno, opening a new photography blog “Mastering the Art of Photography” as I always wanted, and thought about myself and future. Of course I had fun whilst I was doing all the work. Went to a Halloween party, traveled in Korea, record a radio show(which will be on the air tomorrow), had a working holiday in Jeju island and hung out with old friends.

And recently, I had a few fun interviews by fellow travelers. Check out the one I did with Natali Lekka and FlipNomad.
Antie Juno and Nephews

What I am doing

Currently, I’m writing this at the subway station, while waiting for my friend to be arrived. But in wider perspective, I’m planning and packing for my next journey. This is longer than three months and I’m not sure how long it’s going to be. As we all know very well, the world is big and I’m living my time of life. So… I don’t know. I packed my backpack last night until 4 o’clock in the morning, and review everything in my head.

But a good thing is that I’m not nervous. I remembered I was extremely nervous when I first took my step toward the airport gate for the first time. I’m much more relaxed, because anywhere I go, I know I will be okay.

I had a lunch with my family yesterday. Still, the fact that I’m leaving for traveling is not a comfortable subject for my family. The lunch was technically ‘a going away party’ for me, but no one talked about my travel plans on the table. But I had a lovely time with my beloved two nephews. Now Gyeonghun can read and write letters, I have to send him separate postcards!



What I’m going to do

I’m leaving tomorrow. The very first destination: Hong Kong. I will stay with my dear friend Meaghan for few weeks, and explore Hong Kong for the second time. My last visit was short and foggy, so I’m very looking forward to see much more of it.

I will be in Asia for six five months or so. Destinations lined up so far: Hong Kong, China (southern), Taiwan, Vietnam. Drinking high quality tea and meeting Panda bear in China are high on my to do list.

After that? I will figure it out in time.


I will go home and review all the things I packed one more time (Yes, Kiwi brothers are coming), make something for dinner, listen to the 20mins of fame, my radio show at night (which will be pretty embarrassing) and go to bed early for tomorrow’s early flight.

Ticket is ready, money is in my wallet, back is all packed, passport is in a secure location, and I am ready. I think.


Departure: 06 Dec 2011, 09:30 am at Gimpo International Airport

Arrival: 06 Dec 2011, 4:30 pm at Hong Kong International Airport




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28 thoughts on “What I Was Doing, What I’m Doing and What I’m Going to Do”

  1. Woo!!! Go Juno!!
    So glad to see you continuing to stride towards the lifestyle you want to live – very inspiring.

    Good luck finding panda bears in China! I would love to see them one day (pandas are my favourite animals)

    Don’t forget to record your radio interview so we can all hear. 🙂

    I hope to see you in Hong Kong in a few weeks if you are still around. ^_^ Enjoy your time!

  2. Enjoy your travels! And welcome to Hong Kong, I think this is a great place to start long a long trip! You can easily spend quite a few weeks here, plenty to see. I am loving it, still here until weekend 🙂

  3. Good luck Juno!!! Isn’t it nice to be embarking on yet another beautiful adventure ? Oh, those butterfly wings !!!! If I get bored of my mundane lifestyle, I will come and join you !!!

  4. Yeay!! Juno back on runaway adventures! Looking forward for your next journey’s stories. I know you will be okay wherever you are, just because you are that amazing Juno! Enjoy the journey every moment, sis!

  5. Hi Juno,

    Thanks for such an honest post! It’s terribly difficult to follow your dreams when your loved ones are uneasy about it. I admire your courage for following your dream regardless. Enjoy your time in Hong Kong and beyond. Look forward to reading about new adventures!

  6. Best wishes Juno! I know it’s not common in Korean society to be taking risks and venturing off on your own – especially when you’ve left a job in high ranking company. Good for you though and I hope everything works out as planned.

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