Sisterhood: There are friends, who just don’t neet to say much to be around. We call that sister-hood. That was the original idea of how Runaway to Sister’s city was born.

Serendipity: One of the factor that I dearly care about. This is something that I cannot plan, but it gives me energy to keep life positive. I’m a believer.


Last weekend, a pleasant coincidence that combines two above worlds together happened.



Runaway Juno is cleaning her desk at the cubic farm (‘Adios muchacos!!!!’ ) and entered the new phase of her life. It wasn’t easy, both working and cleaning out. For get some transition time to figure out her life and having some fun she’s been missing out, she’s about to start her first expedition. First destination: the United States of America. She called all American friends and about to celebrate her first 4th of July Celebration at Washington DC.

Departure day: 2nd July, 2011.





who I talk almost everyday about.. well, about everything. She’s the one who created Sister’s city with. Even though we didn’t even meet, not at once, but we share a lot of same point of view of this world. Our relationship started when she was living in Cairo, Egypt and not expecting to end anytime soon. Our interests in Cairo and Seoul made us share lots of pictures and stories about the cities. Gotta love World Wide Web! We are fan of communication and internet, and we dearly care about our lives.

In other word: Sisterhood.

She is the awesome writer and photographer for, and she is leaving for Pugnochiuso, Italy for her new job.

Departure day: 2nd July, 2011.




the magnificent athlete, hilarious writer at and my dear friend. We met at the right time at the right place. We shared joy, pain, humor, life, passion and world. We allow to push each other to be more productive, and allow us to have weak moments time to time. We widen our world because of each other. World of blogging, world of musical (that’s me, obviously), world of biking (we all remember what happened to me but it won’t stop me!), and world of travel. She stood by me while I was melting down with all the harsh reality.

In other word: Sisterhood.

She is a triathlon-er. Yes, I’m serious. She participated in Ironmen compatition in Jeju island, Korea.

Departure day: 2nd July, 2011



See the point? We three all are starting something new in our lives, and we started in the exactly the same day. I know this could be nothing, but we thought this was really something. Universe is talking to us ladies! This three months trip to America is really important time for me, Giulia is waiting to get a job for a while for her next expedition and now she got one, and Ironmen is not something everyone could do but Katie finished the full race and this means a lot for her.

Katie and Giulia didn’t know each other firsthand, but pretty know a lot about each other because of me, obviously.


I’m happy that we got over little speedbump of ours at the same day. We all have problems, we all got doubts and we all got speedbumps. But remember, this is just a speedbump and this isn’t going to be the last one. I am really proud of my sisterhood friends for their new phase of life. Bravo to brave ladies who also happen to be my dear friends.





14 thoughts on “Traveling Sisters- a pleasant coincidence”

  1. i’m so excited for this new chapter in your life to begin. I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy America to the fullest! Eat all the fried foods you can get your hands on, drink all the free refills you want and enjoy feeling small compared to my countries generally fatter asses.
    Love you and Be safe!

    1. Thanks sis, that means a lot to me. I went to a great burger place called Five guys. Fries were insanely good!! Hope to be here with you sometime later.
      I thought being in America would give me a totally different feeling, some kind, but not yet. This is really a different country with a lot of different things than any place I’ve ever been but I didn’t feel that much yet, just happy to be here. Let’s see how 3 months will go! 🙂

  2. Beautiful. Brilliant. And nothing less than what I’d expect from my bravadolicious Seoul Sister!! I think Serendipity is the universe’s way of speak to us when our ears might otherwise be closed. And our friends are a reflection of ourselves. So we must be pretty awesome 🙂

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