Next three months of trip to America is really important for me. This is not just a short break, it will be  a life changing experience because it’s time to think about future and seize the day at the same time. Complicated, I know. Like I said in the last post, ‘where’ did not really matter and I choose to be in America for my transition time for many reasons. It would be perfect in many ways. For starters, I can meet so many inspiring people who I knew already in world wide web and who I will spontaneously meet on the road.

Personal growth would be the biggest part in this trip, that would be whole another page of blog. But since I will be in America, I want to experience certain things.


Feel, what is it like to be in a humongous country

Korea, my country without Northern part, is as big as Indiana. It’s just small piece of land in the US. Frankly I don’t quite get the proximity. Not remotely. I know Korea is a small country in the world map, but still there are places I haven’t been and still want to go. I can just imagine how people live in the US feel like their own country. And I’m looking forward to feel that myself. I know that three months is not enough time to get to know the whole country, but hey, I fell in love with New Zealand after three days so,.


Dozens of tweetup with cool travel peeps

Lots of fellow tweeps and travelers left comments for me and sent me invitations! (Ref. Calling All Americans!) Really, I’m looking forward to meet you out there! My itinerary is up in the air right now but I’m sure I can catch up with lots of friends. According to Google Analytics, a huge portion of my readers are from the US. I have so many secret admirers from America! 🙂 Well, I really am excited about tweetups. Catch you out there soon!


Travel & Social networking together

Social networking has been the greatest media in my travel life, but now it is time to grow more. Using social network during travel is not a fresh news thesedays. However what I’m excited about it is that now I will combine those two in various ways, more creative and more actively. Tweetup could be one of the forms of social networking in my next travel. Runaway Juno will be filled with rich contents (I hope), and twitter and Facebook and various other social networking medias will be with my trip.


Eat the real Taco Bell (Ref. Runaway Food A-Z : A is for America)

I know, I know, our video could be not so pleasant to some readers. I’m sorry about that. But it was supposed to be funny! Not serious one. Anyhow, but now I have started it, I got to eat the original Taco Bell to compare! Don’t judge me, it’s just me being a responsible writer. 🙂


Broadway, New York

Broadway Theatre

Theatre is am important part of my life. I’m not a performer or studied theatre tech or anything, but I got inspired by theatre really well. Small time theatre shows have been my source of energy for years but now I have a chance to visit New York City, Broadway show is an inevitable step for me. This is one thing that I allow myself to spurge on this budget trip. ‘Wicked’ the musical is the highest on my list but now original casts are long gone! But still I would love to see this show. ‘The Book of Mormon’ is now the hottest on Broadway as I’ve heard, ‘Anything goes’ or ‘How to succeed in business without really trying’ are the ones I really want to see as well. Oh, I don’t know, so many choices! Let’s see which ticket I’ll buy!


And unknown experiences

Who knows what could happen? And I’m expected to encounter those!


In three days, I will be at the airport with my backpack again. Very nervous because can’t stop thinking about what if something goes wrong with tickets or at the custom. I’m sure I will be fine but this is just fear before the trip! Though,  the most exciting part is the last one, frankly. The unknown experiences. Utterly excited about that. This thrill, that is why I just can’t sit still.






32 thoughts on “3 Months in USA : Simple Things that I’m Expecting to Do”

    1. I’m sure! Thanks Isa! It’s a bit overwhelming at this point. I’m leaving in few days and what I feel is ‘I am just more than ready to leave’ and ‘am I really ready?’. Ahh complicated but sure thing is that I will be so happy as soon as I put my backpack on my back.
      I can’t wait to write exciting experiences and awesome people I’m going to meet. 🙂

  1. Eat the real Taco Bell! Yes! Hahaha. 😀 And THEN.. let me give you a tour of New Mexico, Texas, Arizona.. for Southwestern cuisine. After that.. off to the Southeast for Southern food! Sweet, delicious, fattening Southern food.. ahhhhhggggg my mouth is watering.

    1. That’s right! I remember you said things about Southern food.. 🙂 ahhhhh now I’m hungry for it!!!!
      Are you going to be around in Southern and Eastern? It would be an epic tweetup if we meet in the US! 🙂

  2. 3 months in America, Lot’s of ground to cover, should be wild!

    Tip on Broadway, maybe you know already. You can get into any show on standby or standing only. Just walk up to the ticket booth a day or so before the show and ask for standing only. You stand in the theater during the show and if a seat opens up, which often happens, you get to take it. These tickets cost about $20-$25 so big budget savings!

    If you make you way into Boston, let me know. Free tours and a place to stay if you don’t mind kids! All the best as your trip begins!

    1. Thanks Justin! That’s a good tip. I’ve heard about the standby tickets but I have no idea how to. Guess I will figure that out when I get there!
      So are you at Boston? Good to know! I will drop you a line when I head that way! Thanks for the offer and sure I don’t mind kids at all!!! 🙂

  3. Juno, it’s great that you can now visit an authentic US Taco Bell– you’ll realize it isn’t as fancy as the one in Seoul! They are a dime a dozen here. You are better off trying regional delicacies like BBQ in the south, Mexican food in the west, and lobsters up north. And of course, hot dogs and $1 pizza in NYC 🙂

  4. I am happy and excited for you sis, but you know this already. Enjoy every feeling, even being nervous now is part of this journey!
    These are days of change and they will always be in your memories, because you already started your new life.:)
    Wish I was in the US, but you know I’ll always be there for you even if not in person… gotta love Whatsapp 🙂

    1. Thanks sis. I know this pre-nervousness is a good thing! It means I’m alive and I care. 🙂
      Wish you are there too. But I’m more than sure that our paths will cross someday, someday soon. Cause we both want to! I’m so excited about your new adventure. Happy for you, and I’m so amused by the fact that we leaving the same day!

  5. p.s. I know you will LOVE Broadway… can’t wait to hear/read about that experience. Can’t tell about Taco Bell hehe… but yep I’m sure about Broadway.:)

  6. Broadway shows are amazing, so I’m glad that it’s on your to-do list. I hope you do a Tweetup in NYC as I would love to meet you!!! But please don’t host the Tweetup at Taco Bell 🙂

    1. Haha I don’t dare making Taco Bell for NYC Tweetup! @DowntownTravel won’t let me ! 🙂
      Me too, can’t wait to meet everyone!

  7. Wow.. You’re going to have so much fun.
    And I second what Justin said about tickets. You can get some really crazy deals with standby’s. Let me know when you get to New York City. I’d share a couch but I don’t have a place to live anymore either!

    1. If I can do standbys, I can do more than one show! Crazy! I’d happy to watch it on 3rd floor seat. Eeeeek so excited! I think I’ll be stay at my friend’s place in Ithaca when I visit NYC.

  8. Travel blogs become stale without travel, so I am sure your site will explode with great content. Looking forward to your perspective on my country. Your blog will be the most enlightening and popular perspective from a foreign visitor since Alexis De Tocqueville wrote about his visit in the mid 1800s.

    1. Hey, thanks for the sweet and encouraging comment as usual! I hope so. Travel and see new things are important in this trip as well, but I really want to grow more as a writer and a social networker. Looking forward to it!
      I don’t know who Alexis De Tocqueville is but I will try not to disappoint you and all readers! 🙂

  9. I really wish I was there to show you Austin – I can’t tell you enough how I wish that I could meet my Korean sister. I know I am a bit late in replying to this post but better late than never!

    Live it up lady! There is so much to do in the USA!

  10. the last time I went to America eating Taco Bell was on my list of things to do….It’s a bit sad, and I’m sorry to admit it, but after over a year being away from my home country, I just really wanted some Taco Bell. Too bad though, I ran out of time (was only there for three days) and didn’t get any 🙁

  11. It all sounds good! I just can’t resist that country! I think I’ll be stay at my friend’s place in Ithaca when I visit NYC.

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