For days and weeks, I’ve tried to write the typical ‘the Year 2011’ post with all the events happened this year. Good and bad, exciting and depressing, happy and sad, all together. I have so much to say, I have so many things in my mind, but I couldn’t write any longer than three sentences. Maybe I’m still overwhelmed by everything.

I would like to say few words regarding major events in the year 2011…

There’s a huge advertisement in Hong Kong Metro, says, “Precision is my inspiration”. I thought that was one of the oddest lines I’ve ever seen. Well, I can say “People are my inspiration” instead.



Career change

Gypsy Juno

Yes, now I am proudly can say, I am a full time travel blogger and a photographer. Well, at least I’m trying to be. The chance from high-ish paying job to not-so-much-paying job was harder for everyone around me than myself. I’m now out in the wild world, exploring the world as much as I can, as slow as I can. It was literally a life changing decision and I have no regret of my decision what so ever. We want change. Change is refreshing but also change is hard. Being ‘not normal’ in my home country is hard. Probably this was one of the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in 20 something years of my life. But I’m grateful to have this opportunity. I’m healthy enough to travel the world, I’m happy, and I’m planning to stay happy.


It’s Time to Spill the Bucket : I announced, no more cubic farm.

Runaway Juno on the Air! : My 20 minutes of fame.

New Photography Blog: Mastering the Art of Travel Photography with Runaway Juno.



Meeting new friends

New Misson: Find a new beer

The year 2011 has been another year of new friends. Being happy is easier when I’m surrounded by happy people, or at least people who I’d like to spend time with. That’s what I did. So, the second half of the year was much happier time for me, and it’s going better and better. They taught me there are many different ways to live, so much more are out there, and how brave people can be. They are inspiration, supporters, and most of all, great friends. So, I thank you all. You know who you are.




Michael and Juno in Hong Kong

I spent good parts of my time in my home country doing temple stay, hiking, island hopping, biking, cooking and eating. Just few hours outside of Seoul, it’s a whole another world. Southern Korea is beautiful and of course, Jeju island has been another great getaway place for me. Eventhough the society and I are not getting along so well, I still love the country. It’s a beautiful land with good people and great food.

After spending short holidays in Southeast Asia, I hopped over to the new land, North America. Three months in America and Canada (shortly), good times. I met so many great and happy people, was surrounded by beautiful nature, and I got my appetite back. Not like I was not eating or anything, but I had some fine cuisine and unforgettable meals. Mmm…

Now I’m back in Asia – Hong Kong, and ready to see more of Asia.


Temple Stay in Photos.

Juno’s Bangkok Diary – Food Edition, obviously.

More than Words – Timelapse Video of Bangkok, Thailand.

Runaway Photo: KK Night Market, Malaysia.

Ooo Heaven is a Place on Earth – Palau Mamutik.

Thank you note from Road Trip USA.

What I was doing, What I am doing, and What I’m going to do.



Conflict with friends and family

Antie Juno and Nephews

They were not the best supporters of my decisions and my wishes, but I thank them and I’m sorry because they have to put up with me no matter what. Just like I said, me traveling doesn’t mean that I don’t love them anymore and I know it’s same for them too. It’s just we are having hard time to realize that we are living our own life, not each other’s. Maybe it worked in the past, but not anymore. The mold has been broken, the truth is out there, and there’s nothing we can do about it but try to understand each other.


When Life Gives you Lemons…? 



Being a part of travel community

Tweetup with Michael, Stephanie and Stephen

Being in a travel community is special. It changed a lot since two years ago when I first put my feet in, but it is still pretty amazing. People sometimes ask, how those people can be your friends, but they are. The meaning of ‘friend’ changed for the last decade due to the world wide web, and it’s rapidly changing more and more. They are colleague but most importantly, good friends who understand and share the big part of the passion in life.



Next Year… 

Creativity. Something I always pursue. Wish creativity takes more parts of the upcoming year. Photography, Video, and blogposts.

Adventures. Literally, I can go anywhere I want, and I can do whatever I want. But one step at a time – I’m excited to have unknown-upcoming adventures.

Work. With more creativity, I want to diverse my field. Plans and ideas, already so many of them written in my notepad but how to make it work is the important part. I’m sure I’ll make it work, in time.



Cheers to the year 2012. For more creative, more adventurous, and happier year. The year of Dragon!

Happy New Year!

新年快樂 (sin yuen kwai leh)!



9 thoughts on “The Year 2011: Traveling, Fighting, Eating and Everything in Between”

  1. I take my hat off to you and bow low, my dear. It take courage to shake off the shackles of “normality” – wish you good luck, happy travelling for 2012 – take care

    1. It was a pleasure to ‘finally’ meet you Gray. One of the highlights! 🙂 It was a hard and a great year at the same time, and I’m sure 2012 will get even better. Wish you all the best too!

  2. Sounds like 2011 has been an important year for you, with a lot of big decisions which sound like they’ve paid off. Good luck with your travels in 2012 – I look forward to reading about them.

  3. Wow, so much happened for you over the past year! It’s definitely all worked out for the best and it’s so great that you’re now truly happy and travelling full time! 🙂

    Hope you’ll have an amazing 2012 and that we’ll get to meet up again sometime next year!

  4. RJ I have so much to say having read this post! First, I’m very proud. You took a leap of faith and landed on the other side more secure with yourself and place in the world. Second, I’m so glad/lucky/serendipitized to call you my friend and to have shared in so many of your adventures. (I like the hitchhiking one the most. hehehe.) Third, you have been inspired by others and are now inspiring others. Well done rafiki! Last, let’s plan to find the next world’s best beer somewhere!

  5. I can’t wait to see what 2012 holds for you, Juno! I know what you mean about not being “normal” in South Korea – my partner really wants to travel, but he’s worried about not getting a job straight after university and that employers will look upon any travelling he does (whilst not working) in a negative way. Glad you’ve broken out of the mold and are following your dreams – 화이팅! ㅋㅋ

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