Do you believe in Santa Clause?


Round the world travel – is the words of dream for me. The itinerary, the places to go, all the opportunities out there… all very exciting. This Christmas, it feels different because I had such a diverse year with Runaway Juno and friends. It got me thinking. While thinking about different traditions in other countries, childhood memories, holiday travels… and of course Santa Clause. Honestly I believe all the childhood nonsense: elf, magic, and fairies in the back of my mind. Inner-child, yes, she is still alive. Anyway, in this holiday season, it got me thinking about Santa Clause while I was thinking what to do for this holiday.


“Mr. Santa Clause: the ultimate travel maestro.”

Ha! Santa Clause travels everywhere in the world! Have you ever thought about that?


I mean, think about it. He travels all around the world once a year with a single purpose. Round the world trip for every year, can you imagine? Well, he does just one day of a year but still. He goes every single countries, cities, and towns! How awesome is that?


I’m sure that he made some mistakes with his itinerary in his young days. Late for the kids in Canada, spent too much time with one sweet kid in Egypt, or Rodolph got too tired.  But I’m sure he would become the master of travel by now.


Someone once asked me what would be my one question for Santa if I ever meet him. Now I know what to ask for him.


“Can you share your travel itinerary?”


If he reveals his secret itinerary, that would be the most efficient map there is! Here are some of my guesses about how he travels.


Santa Clause


Time zone

To be fair, I think he would start from New Zealand, Micronesia, Melanesia and perhaps east Russia, right besides of International Date Line. The earliest time zone. Because, you know. He has to consider the time zone. He wouldn’t want to be too early or too late for children. If he is not on time, risk is too high! Children might caught him…. Then he would travel to West. One time zone at a time. Hop the continents and countries.


Time for cookie and milk

Millions kids prepare cookies and milk for him. He should not eat before departure. Or maybe he has a magic power and a magic stomach.



I think, he has some kind of equipment for defeating the bad weather. Otherwise, poor Rodolph! So he has to be. Magical umbrella? Or.. Invisible bubble globe around the sleigh? Whatever works for him. If he doesn’t have any, he would be late for kids in Europe or Korea this year. Because it was snowing!



Make sure pack his present bag nice and tight. Wear comfortable-stretchy pants, waterproof boots, Atlas – just in case, and souvenir back to lovely Mrs. Santa Clause.


While sitting down and thinking about these fun ideas, I just realized that he is just like the rest of us travelers! See how he prepares… factors… it make sense. Timezone, bring an extra pair of raincoat, souvenirs… everything! Maybe a long time ago, Santa Clause was just a traveler wanna be. He took the job to travel around the world because he would love the job. With lovely companion, Rodolph. Working with elfs all year and be himself, be free for a day. Shame becaue that is his the busiest day, but I want to think as that is his happiest day.


When I get to meet him, in dream or wherever, I have to ask him. “How do you travel?”

I will let you know how it goes.  🙂



12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Travel Maestro, Mr.Santa Clause”

  1. All I want to ask is for Santa to let me ride with him on his sleigh, to see the world, and to be able to witness the northern lights. Nope, I’m not interested in getting down the chimney. I’d rather stay with Rudolph and wait for Santa. That is, if he’s real. But whether he is or not, he definitely paved the way to world travel. 🙂

    1. Oh that’s so sweet! Hanging out with Rudolph with the bright nose. 🙂 Northern lights is definately on my list for it. North pole and South pole are the wonderland for me. Now I think about it because he lives in the area where Northern lights happens all the time!

  2. This is definitely the sweetest post I’ve ever read! :p
    So if he tells you his secret, please tell us… so we can all travel the world in no time 🙂
    Happy Holidays sister!

  3. I trully hope all of you got a terrific X-mas. I had to deal with a computer virus around The holidays and lastly have my personal machine cleaned out in order to see your most advanced blog post. Nonetheless, it is moaning, I hope you all get a wonderful new year & I wish everyone best of luck.

    1. Didn’t think of that. TSA, that’s a nightmare! I’ve never been through one though but as what I hear, that’s a nightmare. 🙂
      Happy New Year Josh!

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