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Yesterday was quote and unquote from Mrs.Bugno, the most perfect weather in America.

It was hot and sunny but pleasant enough to walk around. Breezes were tickling and playing with my hair. Sky was gorgeous mild blue but few blurry white lines were dancing in the sky. I haven’t been around here long, but think I got the meaning of ‘the perfect’ day. 

It was Bastille day, 14th of July. I got invited to attend Fredericksburg Sister City Association Inc. More like I tagged along to experience my first Bastille day celebration. It was held in a park by the river in Fredericksburg downtown. What is a better way to enjoy this perfect weather than out in the nature? 


My newest friend fron Bastille day celebration


Wine, food and French in this beautiful day, all felt lovely to me. 

I played little soccer and football with my newest friend, who is 4 year-old but soon to be 5 in September 19th, walked along the river a little, and enjoy home made food and wine. Maybe it was food or maybe it was because of wine but this day – the most perfect weather in America felt like my perfect day. It was not all easy to leave work or to deal with all these aftermath, but in the end, this is why I was willing to deal with the problems, to face all these happiness for me that is out in the wild world.

I would be happy anywhere in the world, to move forward to my goals and to figure out my new future but I’m really happy to be in America right now. Just like everyone says, summer is really special season for Americans. I feel that, and glad to be around jolly spirit. And it’s only been two weeks, actually today is the exact 2 weeks anniversary of my arrival in the US. Wow, already? Time really flys when I’m happy. My friend Katie and I used to say at work when we were extremely boring, texting — ‘time is oozing today…’ but I don’t have to anymore, and I’m very happy with that. Next two and a half months, I can’t wait. Cheers to many more ‘the most perfect’ days!



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Gorgeous Summer



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  1. Summer is so incredibly important! When I spent July 4th abroad I was really unhappy because I was lacking friends, a hot summer day, beers and BBQ. I’m glad you could appreciate what we love.

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