It’s been almost two months since we left for our roadtrip. And it’s about to end. Well, it has been longer than we expected when we started. Roadtrip in the US has been on my continuous bucket list for a while now. Still I haven’t been to more than two third of the country, but this roadtrip has been such an experience for me. New England is awesome, people!

Anyhow, I found some general rules about the roadtrip. All these things on the list happened more than two times, repeatedly. No matter where you go, this rules might apply for any occasion.

Here are 10 of rules that I discovered.


1.The Sign

The sign you need to find is always covered by tree, electric pole, people, animal or anything that you can or can’t think of. It’s like out of all the things in this entire world, only the specific sign you have to see lives in Mesozoic era. (if you are a fan of Dane Cook, you are familiar with this one… )



2. The Gas

You never find the cheapest gas price. Oh no, you know where it is, but just you didn’t get it from that place. There’s always a cheaper place within 2 miles after you fill the tank.


3. The Traffic

But gladly, though, if you are passing through traffic, it will be on the other direction of the highway, because you are traveling, not commuting to work. Gotta love the life of a traveler!



4. The Luggage

You started with maybe one big backpack and two small bags to organize your things. And your stuff was all folded neat and clean. However, even if you are not a souvenir person, somehow your luggage is growing and growing. Soon, the backseat  and trunk of your car will be full of stuff. And the concept of ‘organizing’ will be long gone.



5. The Toilet

You will learn that a lot of places can be your private toilet.


6. The Instructions

Actually, most of the places are easier to find with the map than your friend’s instructions. Write down the instructions and then drive with your map. ‘Turn left on the second light and at the top of the hill you will see the blue top building, and then you have to turn right around the big tree…’ It helps but you don’t have time to read the memo while driving so…


7. The Food

It’s hard to do the roadtrip with ‘No food in the car’ rule. Because you never know when you are having a craving for a Dairy Queen ice-cream…



8. The Thunderstorm

Just like what they say, your car is the safest places you can be in a thunderstorm. Seriously.


9. The Beauty

Despite of all the troubles, you will see the most beautiful things: scenery, animals, sunset, apple tree, people…


10. The Journey (not the rock band… )

Roadtrip is about the journey, rather than the destination.



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New Hampshire all the way!



21 thoughts on “The 10 Rules of The Roadtrip”

  1. This is a great list of rules! The sign one is SO true, whether you’re road tripping or even just walking around a new town. It sounds like you’ve had an amazing time!

  2. This list is AMAZING!

    Don’t forget about the music, though! Good music on a road trip is practically an essential!

    Unless Rule #10 meant the trip AND the band. 🙂

  3. LOL, that’s so true about the gas and the signs. And there’s no way I’d take a road trip with a “no food in the car” rule. 🙂 LOVE that last photo!

  4. No food in the car rules are just craziness. Road trips are made infinitely better by unhealthy road trip snacks :-p

    I think a lot of these are true. I did a lot of road tripping when I was in the US and definitely can relate.

    1. Thanks sis! 🙂 It’s like badd things keep happening to the road trip, the sign has been disaster! 😀 But yes, I’m having a really good time!!!

  5. Love this list. I also love road trips- there is nothing like them. I just returned from my own one in Northern California for two weeks.

    Glad you are enjoying yourself.

  6. Read the signs? kidding me? I can’t read them anyway, but it DOES help when they are plainly visible and I might add, larger print. Gotta love the stupid GPS too its ok for 80% of the time

    Nice pics too 🙂

  7. I totally agree with No. 5 about The Toilet: You will learn that a lot of places can be your private toilet. Lol 😀
    I’m new to your blog but I just can’t stop reading your articles for hours today. Great writings 🙂

  8. I’m laughing at number one – the signs. It’s true they can be hidden sometimes, and what good is that? In Connecticut, where I live, there are not ever even any signs for the road you’re on, only the streets you drive past. So you never know where you are, only where you can go. 🙂 And the thunderstorms, aren’t they awesome? Do you have them where you’re from?

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