Starting today (March 21), #Blog4NZ kicks off as per New Zealand time. From when the sun rises over Gisborne until March 23, when it slides past Tonga to look at New Zealand again, we will fill the Internet with talk about New Zealand as a tourism destination.

New Zealand has been my second home to me. I had such a great time backpacking there, and fortunate to have a change to live with New Zealanders. That made me fell in love with the place even more.

I can’t believe the beautiful cathedral collapsed, it’s more shocking because I saw the place myself. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must be for local people and who lost their friends and families.

#Blog4NZ is created for sending “New Zealand is open for business” message. Great travel bloggers are on board, and it’s ongoing as we speak.


Runaway Juno supports #Blog4NZ with heart and with previous posts. :

Visit #Blog4NZ official page and share your love to New Zealand. : #Blog4NZ – Bloggers Resources




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