Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s March 8th, the day we celebrate women all around the world. Today this day feels more important than ever, especially in times like these. I’m celebrating by wearing a red shirt and thinking of all the women who influenced me.

If you are looking for inspirations on this IWD, read these stories of amazing women and their accomplishments.


I’m Married and I Travel Solo, and That’s Okay

This is a story I wrote about my independence, even while I’m married. It’s a shocking concept to many, but it is actually the foundation of any successful relationship. I’ve met so many young (and old) women over the years whose actions were bound to their relationship with their partner or father. Girls lie to their boyfriends and fathers to go on a holiday. Women have to hide their independent finances from their spouses. It happens not just in developing countries but also in the first world, in all age groups. Why is the world so afraid of women gaining independence? As Hillary Clinton once said, “Women’s Rights are human rights” and “Limiting women’s economic potential is for every country like leaving money on the table.”

I’m Married and I Travel Solo. And That’s Okay


Things I Didn’t Know about My Mother

My mother is the strongest and most generous person I know. She grew up with almost nothing and sacrificed her whole life to create a better future for her family. If she was born in a different country or in a later era, she would’ve done something quite amazing on an entirely different level. I can’t finish gathering my thoughts about my mom without tearing up. Mothers, aren’t they amazing?

Things I Didn’t Know about My Mother


My Newest Obsession: Julia Child

I only got to know Julia Child in the past few years. I didn’t grow up watching her TV show. Thanks to her book “My Life in France” and the book and movie about her “Julie and Julia”, Julia Child became an important inspiration in my life. Her determination, dedication, generosity, humor, and love spoke to me deeply. Stephen took me to visit the Julia Child exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum to feel her presence.

My Newest Obsession: Julia Child


What I Learned from AWE

Asian Women’s Empowerment Conference has been a huge part of my life for last few years. Through the difficult journey, I’ve met awe-mazing people and learned some valuable life lessons. I’m now preparing the next step for this great initiative. See what I’ve learned from the AWE 15 in Jogja, Indonesia.

7 Things I Learned from AWE ‘15

Amazing women in my life – read from my book

I have a few sections in my book dedicated to amazing women who influenced me, like my grandmother.

I Wrote a Book! Runaway Juno’s Pursuit of Happiness: The World is Waiting


Beautiful women of the world

There are also a few photo essays, dedicated to beautiful women in my travels. I hope to publish a photo book about the beautiful women and cultures of the world.

The Humble Life of the Bushmen (San Tribe) of Namibia, Africa

Runaway Photo: Faces of Oman – Women


Thank you, all the amazing and inspirational women. My life is better because of you.

How are you celebrating this International Women’s Day?

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