Yes, frankly I do love to runaway. Not a negative meaning of runaway, like ‘runaway from the reality’, just I like the act – moving around. What am I doing now at home then? I am figuring out my next move, what to do next or at least where to do.


But now, at this very moment,

I turn the wheel of thought for a moment,

pick up my passport,

put a backpack on,

and running away, again.

But, with a purpose this time.


For the last few years, since I got this uptight full time job, I ranaway as hard as I could, had fun as much as possible. That is mostly I couldn’t breathe without right amount of adrenalin, couldn’t handle the fact I’m stuck in the chair. But the hard reality helped me to realize what I really want to do next, and of course, gave me an idea of ‘I should get the hell out of here’.

Oh well, whatever the reasons were, no matter how short the period was, it helped me breathe and kept me sane this far.

Travel itself has been always the greatest purpose of all time, but why not add an extra reason to back up?

Even though the web-self-check-in thing of Air Asia bugged me for days-and made me very, very nervous, the reservation system didn’t work on google chrome so made me do-over several times with Microsoft explorer, I had to do extra work for making days off, pack and unpack for a short period, had to take one bus and two subway rides to the airport.. it all will compensate after I meet my purpose.

We all have different purpose to travel. For the place, for the freedom, for the excitement, for the tan (oh the love of tan), and for many more reasons. It all mixed and worked perfectly at the end, but there’s a priority somehow. This time, it is a very new purpose for me, and I am quite excited about it. And I’m contain myself to not act stupid out of too much excitement.


Aaaanyway, I am now at Incheon Airport, using super fast Wi-Fi (it is really fast!!) writing up this post with my brand new-shiny-super cool MacPro. Yes, she’s going to be my travel buddy, for the first time! Yipee-


So.. are you ready? Here I come!

(and notice another self-shot with an arm sticking out. It’s like a Never Ending story!!)

Here I come!


8 thoughts on “Runaway with a purpose”

  1. Juno, enjoy this time you have traveling. It’s fun to explore. I remember when I was younger and had the full time job and no obligations – I was off somewhere every year for 3 weeks to a month at a time. It was awesome! Now, I don’t travel as much internationally (although I still do and will continue to do so) but I also have enjoyed seeing so many places close to home as well. However, here is what I have learned – travel is a mindset and not about the next destination. No matter how close to home or far away you go, you can really enjoy the world around you when you open your mind to travel.

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