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I love music. I speak music. Some what music is one of the ways to express myself. I got inspired by music. Music can be my source of energy. And often, music comforts me.

On the road, I need comfort time to time. When I can’t fall asleep, when I get scared for some reason, when I’m worried about something and.. well,  many other occasions.

In my case, Circle of life from the movie Lion King and music by Steve Barakatt , especially Flying comfort me.


Singing shadow puppet


Last weekend was Runaway Weekend of Runaway Duo. This is us singing our comfort song, which is “Circle of Life”. While she was reading a book with her headlamp we were singing and with shadow puppet. It was dorky and fun night. This was the moment I came up with this question. 🙂 Special Thanks to Miss Katie Tibbetts. By the way, this is a work by Katie Tibbetts, other half of Runaway Duo.


Check out Circle of life. How comforting is this.




I wanted to know what other traveler’s comfort song. Now everybody has their music playing devices, and sharing music is one way of connect to people.


So, what’s yours?


Here’s a part of what fellow trevelers answered:


A lot of interesting music choices here!


#The most interesting answer

Mozart & Vivaldi by Megan Eaves Writing. @megoizzy  & Erika Enda Ginting : I’m not a fan of classic music, so haven’t thought of that can be comfort music.


#New discovery

— GURRUMUL – Gathu Mawula by  @IsabellesTravel  : It sounds almost magical! Where did you hear it?

Sigur Ros by  @quirkytravelguy  : is it weird to say some of their music remind me of Lord of the Rings?

— Shinedown – Simple Man by Nathan Hershley : love the guitar


#What is this song?

— @DanielMartinAdv It – somehow – gave me some courage. Maybe because of the contents of Video?


#Travel Classics

Cold Play, U2, Red Hot Chilly Peppers ( @DowntownTravel ,  @2Backpackers ,  @Freshroads  ) : Dani California, anyone?


#I liked

— I Am Sailing – Rod Stewart on  @FearfulGirl ‘s list.

Moby – the Rafters Choice by @giuliaccia


Thanks all for answering Runaway Survey- You made a good list for all travelers out there. I got some great tunes also.

I am planning to do Runaway Survey more often.

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7 thoughts on “Runaway Survey: Tell us about your comfort music.”

  1. I have too many! LOL..playlist goes on and on.. sometimes jazz, sometimes r n b, or classical or even thumping electro! haha.. one day will play them all for you!

  2. I have a lot of songs in mind depending on where i am and how i feel like that day. Since I am a beach person (the Philippines have the best beaches, i tell you. come and visit! :D), i usually dig songs chill out songs. Right now, my favorite is ‘Beautiful Things’ by Andain. It’s considered old, but i just love the lyrics. 🙂 If i want to be emo, i listen to the song ‘Life is Strange’ by Lovers and Poets.

    Hmmm… might as well make a blog entry about it 🙂

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I love beach music. I have to say, ‘Kokomo’ by Beachboys was my best song for the beach. It’s just too cliche but so delightful! 🙂
      And yes to the blog entry! Can’t wait to hear more about it!! Music and travel goes to well with each other.
      And another yes to the Philippines!

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