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Runaway Juno On The Air


Yes, you heard it right. I’m going to be on air, the radio to be exact.

This saturday, I went to Arirang radio recording studio for the show: All That Jeju . Arirang is a public service agency that spreads the uniqueness of Korea to the world through cutting-edge broadcasting mediums. It’s an English channel, about Korea.

Jim (@JejuJim ), who I met on twitter through my Jeju blog posts, interviewed me for his segment on All That Jeju last year. And for making my trip worthwhile, he introduced me to DJ Jenie(@DJJenieinJeju ) of All That Jeju. They kindly invited me to their studio to talk about my life and my love of Jeju.


How did I feel? Excited of course. Frankly, I was nervous. It was my first time to sit on the actual radio studio, and the show was in English. I was worried what if I made some stupid mistakes while I was talking and said something inappropriate. Everyone, the producer, writer and engineer was waiting for me, well, DJ Jenie actually, but it felt good to be in the centre of the attention. Oh the fame!


All that Jeju studio
All that Jeju Radio Studio
Juno in the studio
Me in the recording studio with DJ Jenie


It was go time. Had a cup of water, took few photos of the studio and we were right into the recording.

The interview lasted about 20 minutes. It started a little heavy; we talked about my career change and how difficult it was. Happiness and how hard to against the grain in such a conservative society. All the reality I’ve been dealing with for all these years.  And moved on to how did I get into the travel writing business, and of course, about Jeju. Jenie read my blog beforehand and throw me some questions about Small but Powerful 5 Items in the Corner of Your Backpack at the end of the interview. Jenie agreed and disagreed with the post and it was fun. Deb (@thePlanetD ), your comment about sarong and Dave made helped me to make the interview more interesting. Thank you and Dave!


It was an extraordinary experience. And what I wanted to do exactly. Not just because it was a broadcasting, I want to spread the word about our right to have happiness. Encourage people to pursuit their happiness, and share the passion and love in life. This is the very basic desire, but it has been hard to even talking about it. But I’m doing it. I can’t say I’m successful but I know that I’m doing the right thing for the most important person in my life: myself. I want to be successful but not because of the fame. Success could represent a lot of meanings but I believe if we do something right it will leads us to the right path. Perhaps the right path would be the moment of happiness. And the cluster of moments is what make the life worthwhile.


Thanks to all the staffs at All That Jeju for making me comfortable and encouraging me. And thanks to Jim and Jenie to make this opportunity.


Listen to it Anywhere in the World! 

It will be on the air 23:00pm KST (09:ooam EST) / 05 Dec, 2011 (Monday).

You can catch it online at All That Jeju website (Click the FM button) and you need Microsoft Media Player plugin.

For your mobile device, you can download Arirang Radio application.


Juno at All That Jeju Studio


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  1. So exciting! I enjoyed listening to your radio tips on Jeju. It’s interesting seeing what the studio looks like and getting this behind the scenes info. Thanks for sharing!

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