Yes, Runaway Juno is back!


I give you, the brand new look of Runaway Juno! Runaway Juno 3.0 if you will. 🙂



Maybe you were wondering what was going on with Runaway Juno, since there were no updates (I’ve been doing so good!!) and the whole design was completely different. No? You didn’t notice it at all? Well, either way, I’m going to explain to you what was going on and what happened.


What happened

My last theme decided to change their theme, no, upgrade is the right word. They were generously update my theme as well, FOR ME. I’m really thankful to have a great theme provider but the problem was, I lost all my custom setting because of that. What setting? You know, the little ones: width of this, length of that, colour of this… this and that. So, my theme went back to the basic setting, with basic header and all.


As you know, I’m on the road right now. No? You didn’t know? Well, you can catch up with #JunoinUS posts here! Anyway, so yes it was quite a big deal. I had limited internet access, and I couldn’t just hold on to my laptop no matter I much I love it. I had to go play out in the wild world! Moreover, there’s no time to just be devastated and just push it back forever. The show must go on, right?

I was going to change my theme anyway. (Seriously!) So, I took the advantage of this opportunity to push myself to do the job. Frankly, I was little bit procrastinating. I admit. I was going to do it when I go back to Korea but hey, the universe has spoken, this is the time.


So yes, here I am, with the new theme. It’s not as perfect as I thought it would be, but I decided it’s good for now. I still have million small details to control, but oh well. If you have any opinion, please do let me know. You know where to find me. 🙂


New start with the brand new Newsletter 

Yes, I have another news. Runaway Juno is launching the Newsletter! All you have to do is just punch your email address and that would be it! Wouldn’t it be great if Runaway Juno’s update is coming right to your inbox? Trust me, you will be pleased!

Here, I brought the form for you. See? It’s easy!  I will wait for you to punch your email in the box.

………… (waiting…)

Yay! Thanks!

Talk about crisis into opportunity, huh? 🙂


So, yes.  Here we are. Not-perfect brand new Runaway Juno.

What do you think? It will get better in time. I wanted to hear your opinions. Thanks for all of your supports during the crisis, and didn’t forget me. I’m really grateful to have you all as my companions and friends.

#JunoinUS story will be updated in time as well, till my day here.

Okay, it’s time to go out in the sunshine again!!


Cheers to all of you. Just like what we did this morning, with freshly brewed Shipyard beer from Portland, Maine.




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27 thoughts on “Runaway Juno is Back and Running!”

  1. Love the pics– looks like you manage to find a wireless connection while camping, which is impressive 🙂 The new design looks great! Is this a WP theme, or did you work with a designer on the look?

  2. Well it is about time you got a newsletter 🙂 I am a subscriber. The new theme looks great. It is frustrating when things like that happen especially when you are on the road, but those things happen.

  3. Hey Juno, it must be frustrating. But with a new theme comes a renewed energy right? Love it! It’s simple and clean, I might do the same with mine soon. Safe travels!

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