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July 29, 2012
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August 3, 2012

Runaway Juno is Hopping over to Europe!



Runaway Juno is hopping over to Europe!


For the first time in my travel life, I’m heading to Europe.


Europe, wow. That sounds strange. I’ve been to New Zealand and America, the two most faraway from my home country, and of course I traveled through all over Asia, but somehow Europe feels so far away. It must be because I haven’t been there yet. So, the strange feeling would be cleared since this fall. Because for real, I’m going to Europe.


The first stop: ICELAND


I’ve been working hard to make this trip work: checking schedules, arranging meetings and looking for the not-to-miss attractions. And glad to see that I’m making progress of the process. Slow but steady. Usually I’m not a tight-schedule type of a traveler. You know me; I like to go with the flow, just explore the place as it is, and don’t really worry about where to stay at night. But it’s different: it’s Europe! The continent is big, and I have a limited time. I want to make the best out of this trip.




It’s not easy, but I’m keep moving 



It has been little more than a year since I changed my career. My previous life, as a mechanical engineer and travel blogger on the side, and my current life, as a full time travel blogger and photographer are quite different. Breakdowns have come, several times. Making my own career without any path, while everyone has their own success secret, as not been easy. Still, I haven’t cracked the code yet. I took my chances and tried. But I still have long way to go. I don’t feel ‘good enough’. Using this opportunity in Europe, I’ll see where I can go with my career. I’m a do-er and achiever. I’m stubborn, and I think I am capable of a lot of things. I just have to make it happen. So, wish me luck.


This trip to Europe is triggered by Eurail.com. They kindly offered me a global ticket a couple years ago, in fact, but I was tied to my little cubic farm. Now finally I can use the offer to explore the European continent. I’ll be traveling three and a half months in Europe and using the Eurail Global Pass for the two months during the time.



Do you want to see where they will take me?

In a chorological order…




























Including few of my ‘places-to-go’, Greece, Czech, Finland and Iceland, and many of the best destinations in the world, I’m thrilled. Using this opportunity, I’m attending several travel bloggers conference in Europe. Also several different companies and tourism boards are on board on my very first Europe trip. I’m very excited to working with them. I’ll be announcing my partners through my next newsletter. Also I’m going to Europe with my dearest travel partner, Stephen. I guess I have to tell all of you more about him!



Europe Update by Newsletter


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If you are around, please drop me a line. I already set up few chances to meet my favourite European bloggers on the way. Thrilled! Do you remember my old post, Juno-go-round Tweetup RTW? Slowly, I’m making it real. Really.


See you in Europe? 


If you are on twitter, follow my journey through #RunawayEurope




Juno Kim
Juno Kim
Juno Kim, Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Juno set off for the wider world to pursue her passion for travel and storytelling. She traveled the world as an award-winning travel blogger and photographer, witnessing the everyday life of different cultures. Currently based in Anchorage, Alaska and exploring this amazing Last Frontier. Follow my journey through @RunawayJuno and Instagram .


  1. Giulia says:

    Wow, Iceland! What a grand way to start your European experience. And so glad you’re going to Cyprus too. If you need help with that, I will be happy to share my tips!
    Safe trips and have a blast. 🙂

    • Juno says:

      Thanks chica! I know, what an amazing place, Iceland is. I can’t wait to visit… I was seriously considered to buy another lens, but I think that would be too much. But it’s Iceland! 🙂

  2. Jeff Dobbins says:

    Juno, I can’t wait to follow your adventures in Europe and hear your reactions to what you see/experience. Bravo to you for your courage to strike out and see the world!

    • Juno says:

      Thanks Jeff! I can’t wait either. Can’t believe I’m leaving less than a week. I haven’t packed yet! Well, I’ve been living out of my backpack for 8 months now… so I guess I’m set. 🙂

  3. Michelle says:


    Be sure to have some photos of the mediterranean for us who can only go there through your blog. 🙂

  4. Rachel says:

    Sounds awesome! I’ll be headed to Europe next year. Enjoy!

  5. Kama says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and if you want some advices about Poland or if you’re gonna stop by in Warsaw and need someone to show you around let me know! 🙂 it’s always a pleasure to help or meet fellow travellers 🙂

    • Juno says:

      Hey! Are you in Warsaw? Great! I’m heading there, probably. I’ll let you know when I do!

      • Kama says:

        yes, I’m in Warsaw and I don’t plan any trips until mid September so chances we’ll meet are really high! I could show you off the beaten path Warsaw! so let me know when you know you’ll come here! 🙂

        • Juno says:

          Great! I’m still planning details, but if I go Warsaw I’ll make sure to let you know! 🙂

          • Kama says:

            also, if you need any advices about countries on your itinerary (besides last two), feel free to ask, I’ve been to all of them many times, and mostly by train 🙂

  6. Awesome Juno…look forward to tagging along!

  7. mee says:

    Too bad London or UK is not part of your itinerary!

  8. Waegook Tom says:

    Poland Poland POLAND! Ahhh it’s one of my favourite countries Juno – I LOVE it! Make sure you go to Gdansk and Poznan while you’re their. Both amazing cities! Excited for your Europe trip 😀

    • Juno says:

      Thanks Tom! I know, right? It’s so exciting! Basically I want to go places that I haven’t been, so it was really hard to plan the whole Europe. Since I wanted to go EVERYWHERE!!! Poland is definitely one of the highest on the list 🙂

  9. Jakori says:

    Looks like your in for a great time. I’ll be checking back to read more. Happy travels

  10. Sounds like a big trip.

    I hope you’ll consider visiting Antwerp when in Belgium, my wife and I would be happy to show you around or to at least go get some drinks together.

    In fact, here are more reasons:
    * Practically no other travel blogger visits Antwerp, which means: definitely something new and fresh!
    * We got great architecture (both medieval and modern).
    * We got great restaurants.
    * Easily reachable by train!

    So, when can we expect you? 😉

  11. Andrea says:

    Wow, you’re going to see so much! Can’t wait to meet up in Girona. 🙂

  12. I hope the Europe tour is all that you hoped it to be and more. You have a long journey ahead of you. Lots of places to see and delicacies to try out. Perhaps you’ll post the pictures of your trip one day?

  13. Edna says:

    I live in Paris and would have loved to meet up! Unfortunately it seems you’ll be in France in September and I’ll be off on a work assignment in Eastern Europe then so it looks like we’ll just miss each other. Have fun on your grand adventure!

    • Juno says:

      Yeah, I’m heading there end of September. Would love to meet you as well! If the plan changes, I’ll let you know. Thanks for the offer. Can’t wait to visit Paris! 🙂

  14. kalesco says:

    How in the world did you manage to circumvent Austria so completely? But more importantly: why?
    It’s really nice here 😉

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