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Day 15. The Wedding


This road trip was planned around the wedding in New Hampshire. Stephen’s friend Cara’s. Just like I said in the beginning of the Runaway Daily, the first part of the road trip is from Virginia to New Hampshire, and re-start the second part from there. Since the day we left Fredericksburg, VA, it took 14 days to get here, Keene, New Hampshire.

Finally! The day of wedding has come. It felt like we hit the grand milestone of our road trip, and actually we did.


Last few days, we crossed two states to get here. After Albany, New York, we crossed the Vermont border and spent the road trip day 14 at Putney, Vermont with JP, Sarah and their lovely 6 months old daughter Rosalind. (Thanks JP!) And we had to get moving to get to Keene, New Hampshire where the wedding is going to be held. Obviously, we needed some time to be fancy. With a nice clothes and all…

Saturday afternoon, the road trip day 15, we left Putney, Vermont and cross the New Hampshire border to Keene.

Welcome to Vermont

Welcome to New Hampshire

The wedding was in Pats Peak, about 30 mins driving from the downtown Keene, New Hampshire. The place was good, weather was gorgeous and we were fancy. There were a few occasions that I had to dress up pretty nicely, like dinner at Yono’s in Albany, but I got dressed up really fancy for the wedding. (I can’t believe I didn’t take any picture of me!)


Cara and Sam’s wedding was the first American wedding experience for me, and it was a pretty good one. I like the theme of wedding as a big party, not just a witness of the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful and romantic, and the reception was a lot of fun. The part Cara and Sam wrote to each other ‘why I marry you’ was funny and touching. Those things are only you can see from people who know each other very well and love one another very much. It was beautiful. And, man! People love dancing! It was really, a lot of fun. I didn’t know Cara personally, but I can tell how great personality she has by her friends’ speech.



So yes, we finally got here, Keene, New Hampshire now it’s time to figure out where to go, what to do next.


Huge congratulations to Cara and Sam! Thanks for inviting and letting me be a part of their very special day.

Thumbs up to Photo booth and Cross puzzle!!




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  1. I LOVE NH’s slogan: Live FREE or DIE!! =)

    Aaaand I can’t believe you didn’t take any pics of yourself in the dress! =( oh well, I won’t be mean to you and WILL make sure to take pics of me in the dress when I go to my Puerto Rican wedding next month =P

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