The grand Road Trip USA 2012 came to the end!


This trip started because of TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange, travel blogger conference) in Colorado. Stephen and I left Virginia on 9th of June, and came back 17th of July. The grand Road Trip USA 2011 during my first visit to the US was in New England, and it was mainly in Southwest region. Two summers in a row, we traveled the same country but almost none of the experiences were same. The scenery, the food, the people, the history and the driving distances… everything was different.


I had such an amazing time, seeing nature’s wonders, meeting people, learning new cultures, and taking photography of the amazing scenery.  It’s not always easy to travel, especially do a road trip, but it was no doubt- worth it. Amazing night camping, drinking beer with friends, hanging out with their pets, and experiencing domestic lifestyle, all good. For a change, this time I thought a lot about finding and having a home. That’s what made me to write this article: Why people are going back to their hometown.


Overall, it was a successful trip! A lot of mixture of different aspects of America. I loved it.



Visited: 13 States

Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama

I’ve been to total 24 states. Only 26 more to go!



Milege data

6,141 miles (9,883 kilometers)

This is the same distance that I can travel from Seoul to Busan 15 times.



Total days

39 days



Gas price

The most expensive: $3.76/ Gallon in Lamar, Colorado (14 June, 2012)

The cheapest: $2.95/ Gallon  in Vicksburg, Mississippi (14 July, 2012)


Miles/ Gallon: 36.22

Average price/ Gallon: $3.22



Where did we sleep

Camping 8 days (3 free/ 5 paid)

Hotel (including Press Trips) 18 days

Friends & family’s place 12 days

Rest Area 1 day

Needless to say, sleeping at the rest area of Texas was the highlight. 


with Jimmy and Cathy in Nashville, TN



Top 3 Favourite moments

Days with Polar and Rory

Turtle rescue

Very comfortable camping night in the Great Sand Dunes National Park. I slept really-really-really well.


Me and Polar the dog
Me and Polar the dog



Top 3 Favourite places

The Great Sand Dunes National Park

Buffalo River in Arkansas

Oskar Blues original pup: Lyons, CO





Top 3 Great outdoor places

Guadalupe Mountains in Texas

The Great Sand Dunes in Colorado

San Marcos River in Texas


Guadalupe Mountains National Park - Texas


Top 3 New Food

Breakfast Tacos in New Mexico & Texas

Indian Taco in Washington with Kalispel Indian Tribe

Fried okra



barbecue in Arkansas - Fried Okra
Barbecue in Arkansas with fried Okra


Top 3 New Knowledge Learned

Why Arkansas is ‘Arkansau’ and Kansas is ‘Kansas’ (Did you know this?)

There are sand dunes in Colorado

Smudges and all the natural herbs from Albert

The Great Sand Dunes


Top 3 Picturesque Places


Gio Grande Gorge in New Mexico

Acoma & Taos Pueblo in New Mexico

Buffalo River in Arkansas

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge in New Mexico
Rio Grande Gorge Bridge in New Mexico



Top 3 Odd Moments

Slept in the car at the rest area in Texas.

There was no restaurant open 10pm at night and no public toilets open, on the last day of road trip. So we had to buy a cup of frozen yogurt to deal our hunger and go to the toilet.

When we found out there was the same exact address exist in Vicksburg, Mississipi. I-20 Frontage Road. How are we supposed to find the right place?




Special thanks to…


My road trip partner and my favourite travel companion, Stephen, who had to drive much more than what he was supposed to due to my international driver’s license is expired.

Friends and family who were generously let us stay at your beautiful place: Jimmy and Kathy, John, Kara, Rory and Polar, Ben and Apollo,Phil, Mr & Mrs Thomason.

Friends and fellow blogger friends we met on the road: fellow bloggers at TBEX – our roommate Diana and Dave, Billie and Steve, Erica and Shaun.



14 thoughts on “Road Trip USA 2012 Recap – Facts and Funs”

  1. Car seems like it’s the best way to get around the USA – alas, I can’t drive, so it’s the MegaBus for me next year! Loved following your roadtrip in the USA, Juno – this is a great recap, too 🙂

    Try and take on the remaining 26 states next year – although Alaska and Hawaii could be a bit tricky when it comes to the whole roadtrip thing!

    p.s. please bring me Polar the dog here to me in Korea. Thanks 😉

    1. I took Blot Bus! It’s a good way to travel as well. USA is particularly good with the car though, I think it’s meant to be.

      I agree; Alaska and Hawaii would be hard to achieve but I’d love to! 🙂

  2. Sounds like an awesome adventure, Juno! Wow, you’ve seen many places I haven’t gotten to yet, and I live in this country! 🙂 And actually, I do not know why Arkansas and Kansas are pronounced differently.

  3. People seem to forget that the US has some of the most preserved landscapes on Earth. First thing I’m going to do is take a road trip too.

    And yeah, why is Arkansas pronounced that way? My theory is the “twang” in the locals’ accents.

    1. The scenery is just amazing. By that fact; America is underrated in some way. I really enjoyed all the nature around the country. Love visiting national parks. I’ll make a blog post about Arkansas and Kansas. 🙂 Amazingly, it’s not about the accent!

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