Now, look at your calendar. Do you see what day it is?

It’s November 11, 2011. Triple 11 on the calendar. The day of end of the world. It is just another day to go by, but it feels special.


In Korea, today is ‘Super Pepero Day’.

Wait, what is Pepero, and why do you call it Pepero day and why it’s Super Pepero day?


Question answered.



What is Pepero day?

First of all, it is the biggest and the most successful commercial gimmick I’ve ever experienced. People often say Valentine’s Day is the commercial holiday day that created by chocolate company. Maybe true, but still it is romantic, and we have one more excuse to go out with our special someone. Pepero day is very commercial but of course, it is only in Korea, and Valentine’s Day is world wide. Though, when you think about it, this is the day for only one product made by one company. It is very surprising. Everyone knows it, everyone feels it as a commercial holiday, however everyone is enjoying it at the same time. It is just another happy occasion. Case closed.



So, why Pepero today?

Simply speaking, November 11 every year is Pepero day in Korea. People buy these for their loved ones this day. Because, Pepero is a chocolate snack that look like number 1. It is not ‘holiday’ per se, but it’s a common knowledge. Lotte, the manufacturer created this day, or it sort of happened out of blue, but either way, that was quiet clever I must say.


Today is November 11 of 2011: there’s six number 1s. That is why today is ‘super’ Pepero day here. Now, the street of Seoul is filled with the red box, and ridiculous looking packages of Pepero.

I don’t do it as much as Lotte wants me to, but still it is joyful to buy and share Pepero once a year, with a special reason. I can’t help but think I’m played by Lotte, but this is quite a fun tradition. Just small, delicious snack to show your love to your loved ones. Yes, it is a gimmick, but it is certainly endearing.


All over the social media is covered with 11/11/11 phenomenal today. And Korea is a giant wave of red box of Pepero. Yes, this is just another day, but I’m happy to celebrate with a box of Pepero in one hand, and say, “Happy 11/11/11 day!”.

It is just another day, but also it is the only day for Nov. 11, 2011.


So, all of my loved ones out in the world, Happy Pepero day!




11 thoughts on “Pepero Day: Yes, It’s a Gimmick, but Endearing”

  1. That’s so amazing that a company has been able to get people to buy their product on a specific day. They look quite yummy. In Canada November 11 is Remembrance Day, a day to remember veterans who’ve fought in wars for Canada. It’s a solemn and reflective day, so it’s really interesting to see a holiday on Nov 11 that seems to be about fun.

  2. I’m a Pocky girl, but Chris (my soon to be husband) LOVES Pepero…he stocks up every time we go to the Kukje Super Market. We’ll have to celebrate Pepero day next year, haha.

  3. I really miss Pepero Day. I always had a lot of fun spoiling my favorite kids with some pepero and returning home with a bag full of the stuff in exchange. I even gave an ex-girlfriend super romantic Pepero one year, haha.

    In Australia 11/11 is Remembrance Day for our soldiers. It’s a very somber day and there’s no chocolate 🙁

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