Me, working or...?


Wake up in the morning without a noisy alarm clock. One of the best changes from my previous routine. I love it.


Make some tea. Preferably strong one; Pu’er green/ dark or black tea.


Check my email from Gmail, and also I have an email application from Mac, which contains 5 other email accounts.


In the mean time, open up Facebook and Hootsuite to check my social networking updates.


Open up BBC to check the news world-wide. Or check their twitter account.


Check the comments I got on Runaway Juno and reply them. Also check my other websites.


Tweeting appreciation messages of the retweets and reply all the tweets using Hootsuite.


Check the notifications from Facebook.


Reading others’ blog posts on Hootsuite and one thing lead to another, I’m swimming in the sea of interweb.


Thinking, ‘I have things to do!’ and get back to work.


Read RSS feed on my email that delivered from travel companies, fellow travel bloggers, and other resource websites. And retweet them on Twitter.


Check the notifications from Facebook.


While checking my emails, check the updates from Pinterest and Pin it some more because it’s sort of fun.


And I remember I have to log in to Skype for my friends.


Reply emails.


Open up Google analytics to check my stats for the clients.


While I’m on the right Google account, check my Google+ and hang out there some more, because I need to maintain it as well as my other social networks.


Update photos to Flickr.


Check the notifications from Facebook.


Tweeting some more.


Check my YouTube account for comments and check how many views I got from the latest video.


Suddenly, I get inspired by something-someone and start getting all these ideas about everything. Searching for the information online and make a huge pile of the lists.


Check my calendar and to-do list to not miss anything that I suppose to do. And realized that I forgot something from few days ago.


Try to make blog posts for my blog; get photos from Flicker, copy and paste from the word document. And during the process, I get distracted by other tabs that open and forget what I was doing. I have more than 10 tabs open on my Google Chrome.


While I forgot what I was doing, check the notifications from Facebook.


Tweeting some more.


Finally get back to what I was doing and finished the blog posts that took me few hours to finish. Whoa!


Posting this via


Updating the post on Facebook and Hootsuite. And check my blog status while I’m at it.


I get new email. Check them and reply it.


And, check the notifications from Facebook.



And repeat.



12 work day is flying fast. Oh the life I walked into.


Sounds familiar?



23 thoughts on “My Routine for 12 Hour Work Day: Travel Blogger Version”

    1. Oh boy, that is a huge differences! 🙂 It would be so hard to maintain the work with a child around. But I’m sure he or she would like to have you around!! 🙂

  1. When do you find time to actually go see anything? Although I have to say it still seems better than sitting in an office marking essays.

    1. I have to move really slowly. Take double of time for everything. One day for sightseeing, and one day for working (photography, video, write…). It is a slow process but working so far! And yes, it is hard to maintain sometimes.

  2. That sounds familiar! 🙂 although I am not doing it full time currently, travel blogging does take a lot of time! And at some point you also have to go take some photos and experience something. So it’s more like 18h day 🙂

  3. Hi Jono

    That is terrifyingly familiar. I think we have to acknowledge that social media is fun, but it doesn’t pay the bills. It needs to be allocated a proportionate amount of time. I’ve tried a few different time management techniques and I like the Pomodoro technique for granular “get on with it” discipline, while David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done is a classic, even though it predates social media.


  4. Ha, yes!!! This sounds way too familiar. I love Twitter and Facebook and like you I check it often. However, I need to find a better schedule for myself so I can be more productive. I am actually trying that out this month by setting a schedule of time and certain things I will read each day. I am also trying to schedule Twitter and Facebook as well.

    Hopefully all of this leads to more productivity! 🙂

  5. You’re a machine!
    I admire your ability to be so be disciplined about all this (and also find time to travel!)
    You could write a course on time management methinks 🙂

  6. Stewart James

    Hallo Juno. I have read many of your blog posts and I really love your work. The creativity and hard work that you put in it is just amazing. Your blog rocks!

  7. OHSOFAMILIAR! What have we gotten ourselves into? I can definitely relate to the part where you get sidetracked and forget what you’re doing… happens all day long!

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