It’s Korean New Year’s Holiday. I have three days off for holiday from Wednesday till Friday. Lucky us, we get to have a longer weekend. It’s a family time, and I think it is a long enough to have some travel. My goal for this year is ‘island hop’ of Korea. This New Year, I picked one spot to go.

Here’s my plan.

Wednesday : It’s New Year’s Eve, so spending time with my family. Mom, dad and my brother’s family, plus Diana! 🙂 Have dduck guk (rice cake soup, which is tradition to eat at New Year’s day) and hang around the house.

Thursday : Visit grandmother, spend morning together and head back home. Have lunch, pack and taking night train to Yeosu at 10:45pm. Youngsan station to Yeosu station which is from the first station to the last station of Jeonra train route, pretty cool. 🙂

Geomun island

Friday : Did I tell you about how much I love red eye transportation? 🙂 It’s awesome. So, spend the night at the train and I should arrive there at 4:30am, so have some breakfast and heading to downtown. Head to dock and take ferry to Geomun island which takes about two hours.

Spend a day at Geomun island. It’s only two hours away from Jeju island as well. It’s really south. Geomun island has some hiking trail, and carm place to hang out. Sounds good 🙂

Maybe spend a night there, we’ll see.

Saturday : Head to Yeosu again and look around the city. Then take a train to Gurea for a temple stay. I will do temple stay at Hwaum sa. Just under the Mt.Jiri. Should be interesting because I’ve never done it. Some peaceful time, I needed.

Temple stay is continue till Sunday morning.

Sunday : Left Hwaum sa with full of spirit and get a train to Seoul. I think there will no seat left because everybody wants to go home around the time, so just buy free of seat ticket and seat in the aile.

I have some special tasks to do during the transportation time

– I will knit for ‘Save the children – knit one save one’ project.

– Writing and keep inform my travel buddies.

So, that’s the whole plan. Wish me luck and I will update you!

I will be tweeting and writing with new hashtag #JunoinKNY as in Juno in Korean New Year.

Happy New Year all 🙂

3 thoughts on “My plan for this year’s New Year’s holiday.”

    1. Thanks Jeremy B! Yes I’m really excited. It’s almost over now though. After a breakfast, I’m done with templestay as well. All thing left is heading home. Was great ! 🙂

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