Do you remember my little kiwi brothers who were sitting on my bookshelf? They are quite adventurous. I adopted them at a souvenir shop in Auckland, New Zealand and now they’re my travel buddies. Their curiosity meets my wanderlust; it made us good travel companions.


A few months ago the Kiwi Brothers came to me, and wanted to have a talk.

We had a long conversation. They had their dreams and they needed me to make them happen.


They wanted to open up a travel blog for kids. They wanted to teach kids how fun travel is and what it is like to be out in the wild world: how to travel, where they’ve been, and what’s really out there. They want to be a modern day Carmen Sandiego.

So, they asked me for help; to set up a blog and make videos and blog posts. As a big sister and a travel blogger myself, I couldn’t resist their request. How cute they are, wanting to teach kids about travel and the world.


So here we are, the new travel blog opens; we call it “Traveling Kiwis” because it’s what they are.




Who are the Traveling Kiwis

They are Kiwi Brothers; Big Kiwi Brother and Little Kiwi Brother. Or just simply, BKB and LKB.

They wrote an About Page for themselves.


BKB is a softy and he’s witty. He likes to eat and likes to go into the pockets. And most importantly, he takes care of little brother.

LKB is a tech guy. He knows WordPress and he produces videos. He’s smart but he likes to be taken care of by his big brother.




Big Kiwi Brother Journal: BKB’s Travel Journal.

Little Kiwi Brother Journal: LKB’s Travel Journal.

Where we’ve been: Follow Kiwi Brothers’ footsteps.

Kiwi How to: They’ll teach you how to do/eat/use things about travel.

Our Friends: They’ll introduce the friends they meet on the road, and their other siblings.

Photo Moments: Their memorable moments in Photos.

Kiwi Videos: They like to be on film. They make lots of videos of their fun moments.



Where can we find them?

Read their adventures on their blog: Traveling Kiwis

Like them on Facebook

Follow them on Twitter

Watch their videos on YouTube


We put this welcome video together for first time visitors.

And please give them a ‘like’ if you like their ideas. See you there!



6 thoughts on “My Kiwi Brothers Open a Travel Blog:”

  1. Hello BKB and LKB,

    We’ve been anxiously awaiting your announcement. We’re looking forward to hearing about all your amazing adventures! Hopefully we’ll be able to travel with you soon. Know that you are always welcome back for a visit to Philadelphia. We have so much to offer in our fair city of Brotherly Love as you both well know.

    Here’s to a world full of wonderful adventure. You’re both so inspirational and we’re excited you’ll be engaging little ones to open their minds and imaginations. I couldn’t think of 2 better role models.

    Bon voyage,
    UM and CT a.k.a. Uncle Michael and Cousin Toscana

  2. This is such a cute idea! It’s like a children’s book but a blog… and you are starting an Internet empire with a third site. Congrats!

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