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I prefer travel slow. For my purpose of travel, which is to get to know people and place better, it’s more effective when living in one place longer, rather than country hopping. There are certain things that only can be seen when we actually live the place and take time to reveal.

The reasons why I prefer to travel slowly are:


1. Interact with people

When I actually live in the place, I meet the same people everyday. Neighbours, street vendors, people at the market or in the street. From just feel the atmosphere by talking to people gave me tremendous amount of information. There are many reasons to travel, but I always look for opportunities to interact with people who are from there.


2. Saving money

Because I have time, because I know places and people, I can cut unnecessary spending. There are numbers of options to stay for free, we can cook our own meal, and people always know the way to buy good quality product cheaper.


3. Travel off the beaten path

We can never know one place better than people who are living there. Guidebooks have very useful information for sure but sometimes it’s better to talk to the neighbours about the place. And we get to know the history about the place, the paths only townspeople know, and they recommend related places as well. And, we all look for off the beaten path travel, don’t we?


For Rent Sign:  547 Coast Blvd., La Jolla (San Diego) CA
House for Rent Photo: JoeInSouthernCA

Now more travelers are looking for the opportunities to live the place. What kind of options do you have?


Couch – the world is smaller than you think

Couch surfing has been a valuable resource for travelers around the world. It’s not for extensive stay, but it’s a good way to interact with people and travel the way locals do. – Timeshare Resales And Timeshare Rentals

This is a great resource for resort rental service. You can search over 17,000 timeshares for rent at more than 5,000 resorts worldwide. The great thing about this place is that you don’t have to pay the agent fee because you are negotiating directly with the owner. You can save up to 65% off from the price.


Social Network – Twitter, Facebook, G+ and any other networking method you can think of

Social networking is the most effective way to communicate with the world. Especially among travelers, the community in social network is massive and congested. Social networking has been a great method to questions and answered whilst traveling, real time update from the destination, getting inside information, communicating with other travelers, and now it’s great way to find the place to stay. Just looking for people who are living there and/or renting an apartment.



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