“Grab a second mask if traveling with a child or a companion that needs help. The adult should always put on an oxygen mask first, working quickly and confidently with precision before putting a mask on a child.”


We’ve all learned this. We know the drill. Do you remember how we used to pay so much attention to the video, like we are going to fall into the deep blue ocean any minute? Trying to remember every detail? Put a seat belt on at any time. Keep the seat in and upright position and open the window for taking off and landing. Don’t use certain electronics in the plane. People who sit near the emergency exit have more responsibilities than others. Life jacket will be located under your seat and oxygen mask will drop above your seat. And help others after put your mask on.

We’ve seen this video numbers of times. Now we don’t watch it closely anymore.


It was one of those day that I was struggling with the thought, that ‘Am I selfish to leave and live my life?’ I had trouble with my family with this issue. It was hard not to think that I’m a selfish person. But at the end, I thought, how can I be thinking about others when I’m not happy myself? And I remember the inflight safety video. “Help the others only after you put your mask on”.


Yes, there is a so-called standard life in this society. In any society, there’s a ‘normal’ way of living. And I am aware of the fact that I’m walking off the beaten track. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m wrong nor I shouldn’t be. Who are they to judge? We all want different things in life but basically I think we all want the same thing – happiness. If their happiness is around this normal way of living, good for them, I’m not here to judge. Just like there are many ways to get to one destination: by boat, by airplane, by car or by hot air balloon, it’s the same thing in life. Every journey counts. No matter what they are, that journey matters.


We can pretend to fit in the mold. I believe a lot of people are doing that, and I have witnessed that for a long time. The reason why they can’t be happy is that they are not taking care of themselves. They are not putting their oxygen mask on before helping others sitting next to them and they are suffering because they can’t breathe. ‘Putting yourself behind others’, is a really common lesson in many parts of education. But please, don’t over do it. We should think about others, less fortunate people, family, friends, and loved ones. That’s all true. I am thinking about them. But, before all that, we have to think about the inside of who we are. And appreciate the individual inside of us.

Put your oxygen mask on, let yourself breath first before you help others who need help.


Please, let me do that.


Gypsy Juno



7 thoughts on “Lesson Learned from the Inflight Safety Video — Let Yourself Breathe First”

  1. I never thought about that as a metaphor but now it makes so much sense!
    You’re so right sis. We all need our mask before doing anything else. Amen!

  2. True that! They say ‘Love yourself first and everything else falls into line’. You’re on the right track Juno as long as you’re happy. After all, that’s what life is all about. Good luck. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you finally wrote this up! I remember talking about it somewhere between dancing on the beach and taking photos of the stars. I’m glad to see you’re putting on your mask and getting ready to save the world, one article at a time!

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