Such a little thing can change everything.

There are uncountable things I’ve learned from my travel experiences, and how to appreciate things is one of the most precious abilities of mine. When you live out of a backpack, no matter how much things you could shove into the little bag, the options are very limited. And there’s no backup plan. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. Even though I’m doing this, a long-term travel, out of my own passion, it doesn’t change the fact I have challenges every single day, every step of the way. I could do this and still, can do this because I’ve learned how to appreciate things what I already have.

Such a little thing. Just a small change can make all the differences. And I’ve learned how to recognize that.

I’m a clumsy person. I’ve lost things all the time, left a number of umbrellas on the subway chair, dropped things and broke things. It is not a good habit to have as a long-term traveler. I just bought the third toothbrush and the case within the last three months. I’ve been running around with my 50lb backpack for the last week without my toothbrush and the case. I thought I could survive with the complimentary toothbrush from the hotel but I was wrong. Tonight, I felt the little sprout size of happiness in my heart while brushing my teeth. The baby-green color happy sprout peaked from the shallow ground. I liked that I had a proper toothbrush case, again, and promised myself not to leave this, again. But now I’m all set, and I’m happy. I got my happiness back with $1.50. I was so grateful.

It’s just a little thing. It’s all about the perspective. Once, I was humbly amazed by the hot shower. Would you see the glass as a half full or half empty? In the same situation, would you rather be a negative person or turn the situation around and make your own way out of it? Which way would you choose? If you accidentally lost your toothbrush, would your complain and get annoyed by the fact you have to spend money on the same stuff or be appreciate your new toothbrush?

Golden Gate Bridge

If you are not ready to see, no matter how much amazing things are happening right in front of your face, you won’t see it. I was standing in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and responding the work emails. I looked up, and there was the perfectly blue ocean shining with the sunlight, bright red bridge, and the beautiful blue sky. If I was not in a happy mind or even didn’t have a mindset, I would probably just walked across the bridge without any big moment. But I was thankful for the fact that I could lift my head and be amazed by the surroundings. It’s the sign that I’m in the right place and having a right stage of mindset.

I’ve learned so many great things about life through traveling the world. The ability to how to appreciate things, no matter what it is, is one of the greatest ones. We all want to find the bliss and find the perfect sign that would change our lives, but guess what? We have to be prepared to see the small crack of the window. The opportunity won’t just fall on your lap. Okay, maybe but not very often. We need to be prepared. We need to open the eyes and see the surroundings.

Appreciation. Yes, please.

7 thoughts on “Learn to Appreciate”

  1. That’s what we’re all about at mealsharing. This is a great article. Learning to appreciate the little things, the little nice gestures of the strangers you encounter in your travels… that can really change the feel of any trip.

  2. I definitely agree that traveling helps you to appreciate the little things! Since I’ve returned back to England I’ve noticed that I’m more open to finding the beauty in everything – a little bit of sun, a few flowers perched on the windowsill, a pretty sunset on a clear day – all; things I took for granted until I’d traveled, but now my eyes are really open to everything.

    Really nice post Juno, and San Fran bridge looks amazing too 🙂

  3. What you said is very much true. If you are not in the place to see something, you definitely won’t see it. When I lost my grandmother, I saw the beauty of the world as being very trivial. Nothing in the world is permanent and that experience really opened my eyes to appreciate what I have now with the people that are still here to love. I totally understand your message. It’s a feeling that is deeper than the word “appreciate.”

  4. I agree with you. You can actually find happiness in small little things while traveling. And, its the people, culture and food that adds on to the charm of any particular traveling destination.

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