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Share your #Calling moment to win a travel voucher and free trip to Aruba from Expedia!


I remember the moment when I stepped into the boarding gate at Incheon Airport. It was my very first travel to overseas, I was alone, and I was heading to a country that I didn’t speak their language. I was an immature 20-year old.


Do you know the itchy-like feeling when you are on a rollercoaster, that you can feel something deep in your gut? It was like that. The moment I walked into the gate with my boarding pass was surreal, and my belly was itching from the nervousness. That was my very first and very special moment that changed my life completely.


I guess that was my Calling.


I always thought myself as a mature than friends who are my age, but I’ve learned I was just one little frog that living in a well who didn’t know the ocean. The information and the feelings I got from one-month trip to New Zealand are still living alive with me to this day. I learned about myself. If I didn’t go, I wouldn’t speak English at this very moment. If I didn’t go, I didn’t know the joy and the excitement of traveling the world. If I didn’t go, I didn’t have any interesting stories to share with all of you, today. If I didn’t go, there was no Runaway Juno.



I found my Calling; to travel, to explore and to challenge.


After a month long trip, I could feel that I was different. My view was wider, I was braver, I was kinder and wiser. I was the bigger world out there, realized how small individual I was, and how much more to learn and experience other than school. How ‘backpacking’ can change everything about the person? It can. I’m the living proof.



We all have the moment. If you are reading my story right now, I’m sure you have the special moment during your travels. The moment that you found something new: about the world, about life and about yourself. Can you define the moment with one word? What would that be?


The reason why I was going on and on about the word and the moment is to introduce Expedia’s new campaign, “Find Yours”. Every trip we take is to defining a moment. No one experience the exact same feeling even from a same place. We all have point of view. We all look for off the beaten path, and that indicates that we all want a different experience that only ‘we’ can define. With the amount of information out there, it’s more than possible to plan a unique trip. Independent travel is not someone else’s quest anymore. We want something different. Something personal, something special. And that’s what Expedia’s new campaign “Find Yours’ is all about. Watch the new campaign video to get the idea better.



Now, it’s not just about introducing campaign; I want to share this opportunity with all of you by Expedia Find Yours Twitter Photo Contest. I want to hear your special moment. I want to hear your story about what was your moment of ‘Calling’. You can win free trip to Aruba and vouchers by sharing your stories with me. Expedia Find Yours campaign is running by Expedia team and 10 bloggers including me. You can see the official media release and the list of the bloggers & their words. Expedia gave all of us to a chance to giveaway vouchers to our readers. If you want to participate the campaign, remember to attach #Calling and #ExpediaFindYours.


“How can I win?” would be the most important question here.

All you have to do is sharing your stories via Twitter hashtag #ExpediaFindYours and #Calling

Each bloggers have different word defining their moment, and #Calling is mine. I’ll be responsible to giveaway $250 Expedia vouchers to those of you participate with #Calling and #ExpediaFindYours.



To win four-night stay at Aruba


Tweet #Calling and #ExpediaFindYours with your favourite travel photo!

Share your favourite travel photos via Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, blog post or any other method you are using. But remember, in order to participate and win, you have to tweet your photos and more importantly your tweet has to have #ExpediaFindYours and #Calling. Follow the tweeter stream: retweet, share, be active and enjoy!



To win $250 voucher from Expedia


Tweet #Calling and #ExpediaFindYours with your favourite travel photo!

Share your travel photo moment that defines as #Calling or any other word of your choice. Also, you can share it via any kind of social network, but remember to add #Calling or any of the words with the hashtag, and #ExpediaFindYours to your tweet.



Here’s more detail information:


– Duration: Wednesday, July 11 to Tuesday, July 31st.

– Winners of the contest gets: $250 travel vouchers from Expedia & a four-night stay in Aruba at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts.

– Start participating via #ExpChat from 10:30 a.m. to noon PST. Prepare your favourite travel photos to share. One participant will win a $250 travel voucher to use on

– For the three weeks of the contest, 10 bloggers will be giving away $250 vouchers to their readers.

– Share as much as you want, tweet as much as you want, retweet as much as you want. But remember to have fun!


#Calling comes in a different moment in life…

Naxi Ladies in Baisha Town

Yuanyang Rice Terrace


Aerial View over Idaho, USA

Juno with the telescope at VLA

Bun Cha Hanoi

On the top of the hostel in Yangshuo

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  1. How I wish I could travel a lot but my pocket and mind won’t let me. Yes, I’m still saving on it and still thinking about. I guess, I need much more motivation in order to purse travelling. I admire your courage and effort.. a lot! 🙂 Hope to be travelling soon! Thanks!

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