Do you remember when you made songs out of some not fun to memorize stuff at school? For example, I’ve heard a song made out of the Periodic Table from a American TV show, good idea by the way. It’s really hard to memorize it all. And we did some acronym method too. We actually have an acronym method for the Periodic table instead of song like Americans. It was really affective. Some are strong enough to remember in many, many years.

Yesterday, while washing my face I remember one song from elementary school and I really “REALIZE” this could act as another big factor to build who I am today. Well, it depends but humor me. 🙂

To be fair, I put a little effort to not to forget this song for years because it’s really practical. And fun to sing. So, what’s this song is about?

My Music teacher in elementary school, I don’t remember that much about her but she was one of the fun teachers, I can tell. One day, she taught us two songs but unfortunately I don’t remember the other one very well. She made a note and made us wrote it down. Those are… songs about Countries and their Capital cities. One is for Europe continent, and the other is for South America and Oceania. Guess which one I still remember? The latter. Sorry Europe.

Here’s the entire lyrics. I should sing through it though. Can’t feel the joy of the song!

Venezuela Caracas, Columbia  Bogota, Ecuador Qu-ito, Peru – Lima,

Brazil Brasilia, Uguray Mon-tevideo

Chi-le is Santiago, Au-stralia,

Ca-nberra, New-Zealand, Wel-lington-

And the song ends. She just changed the lyrics and this melody is from one song I couldn’t remember. One short classic song as I recall, but couldn’t point out which one. Anyway, yes, because of this song I exactly knew all the capital cities around South America and two of Southern lands. Never knew exactly where those are, but at least I knew their names. Impressive, hu? Grew up in the country no one backpacking around the world, but knew a song about wild west. 🙂

This was a her contribution to us, who were struggling to memorize all the maps. Well, not at that moment but she thought ahead. She knew this is going to be practical when we enter high school or something. Bless you lady. The song certainly helpful, but we sang it mainly for fun. It’s exotic! And one of a kind.

I forgot about the songs for a long time and one day I found the old note with the lyrics. In childish handwriting, wrote down in Korean the way it sounds. And all the memory came back. Since then I recall the song time to time because realized it is quite useful to real life.

And Bam, yesterday suddenly this idea came to me, ‘Is my wild dream to South America formed with this song, perhaps?’ Could be. When you know better, it gives you higher chance to fall in love with it. Same with people we meet. One face to face meeting brings you really closer than ten tweets. Something like that. Then it amazed me, how many tiny little things are related to travel and the world. Remotely, every little details in my life are having world wide characters.

So yes, it’s your fault, the brilliant teacher from elementary school. Because of you I have this life long dream and made me another wanderlust soul.

Oh, wait… Did I say I blame her or thank her? 🙂

3 thoughts on “I blame you, Miss.Music teacher from elementary school.”

  1. Cool that you remember the song to this day! It shows that this is a great learning tool. My high school Spanish teacher taught us a song to remember the irregular subjunctive verbs, and it is still stuck in my head! “Haya, vaya, sea, sepa, de, este, cha-cha-cha”

  2. It is amazing how song can help us memorize even the most daunting things. 😀

    Although, Shaun does get annoyed when I bust out with “Fifty Nifty United States” where I then scream out all 50 states in alphabetical order in the car…..

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