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For the last four weeks in Seoul, my time has been filled with eating, thinking, talking, sleeping, working, and catching up. I came back to Seoul after a hard time in India, and a simultaneous (and uncomfortable) realization about my future. It is my only hometown, but also this is where I had to go through some of the toughest times of my entire life. While I was happy seeing my family again, I couldn’t help but feel my tangled emotions attached to this place.

But for sure, it was good to be at where I know exactly what to do. While Seoul isn’t the most inspirational place to be, it is certainly comfortable. I don’t have to go through unexpected surprises that are not in my control on a daily basis. I reunited with my wardrobe again (happy girl!), and fortunately, my best friend happens to be in the same country. My mind was busy working everyday, but my body was certainly comfortable.

The relationship between my parents and I are getting better, especially with my father. He stopped being aggressive about my future, but I can still see that he sighs when he thinks about me. But it was good to spend some time with them, at home together. My mum bought two pots of flowers the other day, and told me she’s going to look after the flowers while I’m away. I guess children are always children to their parents. I hung out with my brother’s family over Chuseok. My nephews are growing so fast.

Also I had a chance to meet a couple of new and old friends for the last few weeks as well. My highschool bestfriend Inny, the annual meetup with Kevin Revolinski (he comes here every year as a part of his job), Meagan and Tom of, previous observatory coworkers, and my all time favorite person in the world, my friend Katie Tibbetts. It’s all about people, right?

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Korea. The clear blue sky, stunning sunset, colorful mountains, and mild weather; it’s the best. Due to the Global Warming (or some kind of climate problems), Autumn came quite late this year. Just about two weeks ago, sky started showing its beautiful color and sunset. Now, today, this week, has been the best weather.

Seoul is not the most glamorous places in the world, but I’m deeply fond of it.

Seoul sunset, from the balcony at my parents’ house
Home made songpyeon for Chuseok
egg breaded fried fish for Chuseok
My funky camera ring
Playing with light, taken with my new phone camera!
How I spent my Saturday night
Seoul has been rained a lot
Under the sunlight, new buds
planning new projects!
Having fun with my best friend
Autumn is the best season to walk around the city
Having a good beer with Kevin
Beautiful autumn
Packing for next few months: three seasons, two conferences, and several adventures!
Walking around Seoul on a beautiful day
My mum’s work: she loves plants
Seoul panorama (click the photo to see the large size)

9 thoughts on “Hometown Travel”

  1. Seoul has its own kind of beauty. I’m glad you go to spend some time at home, especially during delicious Chuseok time. 🙂 Good luck with the next travels, I hope it’s positively wonderful!

    If you’re randomly in Chungnam before Christmas this year, let me know because I’d love to meet up.

  2. I’ve never been to Seoul, or Korea for that matter. I think it would be a cool place to visit for a few days or long weekend.

    Lovely panorama btw!

  3. Awww, your home!!! While I totally understand about not having a glamorous hometown (has anyone even heard of Derwood, MAryland?!?!) I do love that you were able to capture its charm. I really want to go to Korea, and this made me want to go even more!

  4. Our next big trip next year is going to be to Seoul. Shaun has been dying to check it out… I think he secretly wants to go to a GSL game for Starcraft. I want to be there for pictures and FOOD.

  5. Seoul is the only place in Asia I have been and I really liked it there (of course, I’m a StarCraft-fan, that helped, haha)

    Good to see your relationship with your parents is improving – I’m so glad you go your own way, in the end, your life is just that: Yours.

    happy trails, Juno!

  6. Great, now I miss Seoul and Korea after reading this! I’m glad that your parents have become more accepting of your lifestyle, and I know what you mean about being at home, and it being comfortable to a certain extent. I’m at home in the UK right now, although I can’t wait to leave in a couple of months!

    At least you have Seoul as your hometown, though. There’s a LOT more to do in Seoul than there is in the small English town that I’m in at the moment!

  7. Hi! I ve just found out about your blog and I LOVE IT!

    1 quick thing you may kindly help me =) based on your travel experience:
    I ve been to Japan last year and i ve been stunned by its beauty…This year I wanted to go back to Asia and I was thinking South Korea…what would you say? Would I like it? Because there are people who told me that if i have seen Jap first I could be disappointed by SK…

    Thanks for your advice and keep posting =)
    Ludo (from sunny Italy)

    1. Hi Ludo, glad to hear that you’re thinking of visiting Korea. Don’t worry even if you visited Japan before; Korea and Japan are quite different. There are a lot of cultural, natural, and culinary differences! What are your interests? How long are you planning to visit? Please let me know and I can guide you from there!

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