20 February, 2011. Current temperature is 12degC, and there’s no single piece of cloud in the sky. I am wearing light jean and summer shirts with Angkor wat picture on it. Of course I’m wearing jacket as well, but it’s just, really just in case. Random play list on my iPhone is playing Katy Perry’s Hummingbird Heartbeat, which is not my usual tune but strangely suitable for this situation. After freezing, sincerely freezing several months of winter, it’s the first warm day. Only 12degC but it’s a huge step forward.

One thing, well I should say one of several things I like about Seoul is the weather change. Although I am surrounded by all the traffic and not very clean air, I can still feel when the weather is about to change. Two big ones, autumn to winter and winter to spring. The latter is right now, at this very moment. Sky is looking softer, from crystal clear to gentle sky blue, wind doesn’t slap my face anymore-thank you, and I can sit outside without my nerd looking fingerless gloves. Season change is something I really used to but funny thing is that I surprised by this every three months. ‘Can it be any hotter?’ to ‘when does summer come?’ very quickly. Well, it gives me diverse feeling, I like it.

Now I’m sitting at Gwanghwamun city square, looking at King Sejong and the blue house on the back. The barista who couldn’t make proper cappuccino broke my heart a little but that’s okay because I’m facing spring right now.

What a great weather.

Hello gorgeous, I missed ya!

5 thoughts on “Hello gorgeous, I missed ya! : the first sign of Spring”

  1. A barista in Korea who can’t make a proper cappuccino? that’s unheard of!
    I’ve got to agree Spring is trying to come… it’s just taking it’s good time this year.

  2. I’m happy the snow has ended in Seoul! How nice to be able to wear your t-shirt around town. We had warm weather this Friday in DC and I didn’t even need a jacket. It was fantastic!

  3. Ohhh it was the same today here in Genova. Maybe it’s another “sister city”? :p
    I love it when spring comes and the sky is so unbelievably blue…
    p.s. for true cappuccino, please be my guest in Italy :p

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