Why do we hate so much?

Another shooting, another death, another bombing, another riot. Someone wants to build a wall on the border and keep people with a certain religion out of a country. People are punished because of their skin color, religion, and economic level. Has this world ever been this crazy before? I’m almost frightened to open my BBC news app every morning. What would have happened overnight? Did anyone die? And these days, the answer is usually ‘Yes’. Sadly, racism, sexism, terrorism, discriminating against the LGBT community, and so many terrible things are nothing new. But I couldn’t help but wonder, how can this still be a thing?

After a series of violent news, I have something to say.
But I want to make it clear that I’m writing this as a peace-loving individual and a citizen of the world (even though I hate this phrase, but this is one of those situations that’s very fitting). I’m not an American. I’m not black. I’m not gay. I’m a minority of the wider world who grew up without knowing that I would one day be a minority. I was born and raised in Korea, a homogeneous society with a low crime rate. Although we are 50 million strong, we are still a small culture among world giants. It was shocking for me to realize that the world I grew up in was so small.

BBCToday’s BBC News

Because of where and how I grew up, I feel like seeing the world news is watching a terrible movie. We didn’t have mass killings between religions, gang fights, and we didn’t even have a visible LGBT community. Of course, that’s because Korean society wasn’t as diverse back then. But still, Korea is a relatively peaceful country. Every day when I’m reading the world news, my jaw drops, eyes tear up, and I feel like a thousand ants are crawling over my skin. How can a racist, sexist, bully be running for a president of the United States? How can someone murder others just because they believe a different segment of your religion? How can people wear a suicide vest and blow hundreds innocent people with them? Why is it okay to shoot fifty-some young men because of their sexual preference?

Yesterday, when the world was upside down, I pretend that the world I live in was peaceful. In the middle of the day, I dug up a photo I took several years ago.

My view of the world changed for good when I met San Tribe in Namibia deserts. San Tribe, more commonly known as Bushmen are one of fourteen known extant ancestral population clusters. Do you know what that means? In simple language, this means we all came from here. This is our origin. Look around; Asians, Caucasians, blacks, latinos, and anybody who looks same or different than you, we all came from these people. There’s no reason to divide, judge, and hate.

If you ever thought, even just for once, that your kind of people are better than someone elses, think about the San people. These are your ancestors. These are everyone’s ancestors. They were in this world first. We should thank our ancestors for surviving, evolving, and creating this world. But how the world has been treating these people with dark skin? How we badly treat each other. If Drumpf really wants to take his country back and keep out immigrants, everyone other than the Native Americans should move out, including himself. There’s no right or wrong in believing in which God. The person you choose to love is irrelevant to others. Why does it matter when we are surviving this world together? Why does it matter when we are all the same?

People say we are all born free and equal. I truly understood what that meant after meeting these beautiful people. Because fundamentally, me, you, gays, whites, blacks, Asians, Muslims, Christians, Americans, Mexicans, and any other types of people living in this world came from the same place.

People say if you feel lost, think about where you started. This couldn’t be more true, especially in times like this.

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  1. I love the randomness of the cyber world like a giant spin wheel you roll the dice and come across beautiful penned choriography that truly ddefines innermost desire of honest writing and beauty of your travels.
    Being korean is an added gem.

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