I love doing things multiple times. Because I see new different things every each time. For example, watch a same movie twice and more, eat delicious food again, go to a musical I liked over and over, same routine applies to books, and travel is not an exception.

One of my routine during traveling is clear the last day and do things I liked once again.

Same context, it applies to destinations. Travel is more than just get stamps on the passport as many as possible. Some places are just deserve a second chance. I have a long list of ‘Re-do’, and I want to talk about Kuala Lumpur. It appeared on my list few months ago.


After I started travel blogging, Mei, the famous @Agentcikay became one of my closest blogger friend. We talk about more than just blog related stuff. Talk about future, friends, work, oh and a girl talk. 🙂 She is so inspiring person.

First of all, she’s one hell of a writer and a food photographer. She writes beautiful stories about food and people. That’s what I like about her writing. Always, there’s always story of people. Just one example, I loved this article.

Second, I went to backpack Malaysia so I felt closer from the start. I already knew a bit about the country, so it’s easier to step forward.

Last but not least, she is in very similar situation as me and she inspires me in so many ways. Just one example, Malaysia time zone is one hour behind but she wakes up earlier than me everyday, like 5 am! How amazing is that?


The biggest influence by Mei is that I put Kuala Lumpur on my ‘Re-do’ list. The biggest reason is, because she’s there. (Yes, you are that powerful! 🙂  )  Frankly I didn’t like KL in my first visit. I fell in love with the country side of Malaysia before I reached to KL. How sweet the people are, how beautiful nature they has, rich culture and local art, it was wonderful. After all that, KL is too big, loud, complicate city. I am not a city girl even though I grow up in Seoul. Well but I got to know nice people around and certainly had a great time, even I had the worst and the funniest hangover in KL but not as much as what Mei suggested it.


Mei makes me realize how much I didn’t get to see. Especially food. I had nice Malaysian food but from her night market food stalls, all the pictures just make me speechless!! Wow, how did I miss all that? Once I wrote about Batu cave, and she said there’s incredible restaurant just around the cave. Can’t believe it! So you get my point. I have to go back, explore all that.


But not this time.  It’s her turn to visit me. I’m very excited to meet one of the best food blogger I know, and a very good friend. Unfortunately we could not travel together because she’s here for a business and I also have a business to attend. However just meet her and talk without screen and keyboard is more than enough. We are going to spend a day together, shopping and having fun, and most of all, chitchatting over one strong coffee is a must!

See you in two days, @agentcikay !! 🙂

Cumi & Ciki blog : http://cumidanciki.com/


Here’s a special post Ciki wrote. I’m honored!! 🙂 Thanks girl!


Kung Jung Delights.. my heart’s delight!

13 thoughts on “Give Kuala Lumpur a second chance, and my friend Ciki”

  1. HAHAHA.. thank you darling.. you are very kind! I am not famous la:P

    Anyway, you mean – see you 2nite? LOL.. not in two day’s time eh?

    Lovely. Cannot. Wait.

  2. We weren’t huge fans of KL when we went there a couple of years ago. I guess it makes a huge difference having someone who knows a lot about the city!

    Have fun girls! 🙂

  3. Great piece. A agree, Ciki is a very persuasive writer and KL promoter! Her posts make me want to visit immediately and explore the city’s foodie scene. Hope you make it back soon 🙂

  4. Hello Juno, I’m also interested in this. (Take a look at my most recent article.) This article was a really intriguing read, you’ve definitely provided me with lots of food for thought!
    Many thanks,


  5. Every time I read Ciki’s blog, my next step in life is to find something that looks as delicious and have a feast, 1 of my favorites too!

    I really love the city of KL. My opinion could be tweaked due to what I think is some of the world’s finest food and the Durian buffet!!!!!

    Hope you guys have fun, enjoy that coffee, and food!

  6. Have fun in KL and enjoy the food. There are so many amazing dishes in the city, but you’ve really got to have an inside track and where you’re going before hand to get the most phenomenal stuff. I’m sure Ciki won’t steer you wrong.

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