Fried chicken is popular food in many places. Well, what’s not to like? It’s fried, and chicken! Colonel Sanders did a wonderful job I think. Thank you sir!


Korea is not an exception. You can find fried chicken restaurant in every corner and they are the best delivery food of all time. Night and days!

I remember a very old TV commercial of fried chicken restaurant, and we still remember the song. It was that big and famous.

It was famous for a long time and now people are developing all different kind of fried chicken. We already had fried chicken with sweet/spicy sauce for a long time. Fried chicken and Fried chicken with sauce are peacefully coexist two kings of world of fried chicken.


Recently, whoever, a genius I would say, came up with this new menu called “Pa Ddark”. Pa is spring onion and Ddark is chicken. So, literally it’s fried chicken with shredded spring onion.

It sounds.. could be strange but once I think about it.. not so much strange to me though. Actually it make sense..kind of. Spring onion is a common ingredient for.. well, most of Korean dish. Kimchi, egg, Jun (kind of pancake), and what else.. yes, Everything! We used for the taste and for green coloring sometimes.  So it makes this dish so Korean. World famous fried chicken turns into Korean’s unique dish. How awesome is that?


This Pa ddark I had, they developed a little and add sesame leaves along with spring onion. It could be spicy ate spring onion only but sesame leaves are quite blended well and soften the spicy.

One little idea changes whole new history of fried chicken. I love it! Pa ddark is one of my favorite dish now. 🙂 Not just that.. with beer of course!!

Are you planning to visit Korea? Or are you already here? Find (you can, so easily) a fried chicken restaurant and order Pa ddark with a pint of beer. You won’t regret it, trust me!

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