When I made a plan for visiting Hong Kong, Meaghan suggested me that we have to go to Hong Kong Disney land since I’ve never been one and I love Disney cartoons. Yes, I grew up with Disney cartoons and still very into it. Yeah yeah I know how Disney is a big ass evil company .. something something, but they do a good job, don’t they ? 🙂

Anyhow, a day at Disney land was really something. From the gate, it makes me smile, makes me remind of how my brother and I were totally into Sunday morning Disney cartoon show and Monster, Inc. Good times.

We managed to stay there till it end, and the end was a fireworks. Wow, that was really impressive. Seoul offers pretty quality fireworks festival at Han river, but this was different. First, it was with music that I know of – Disney songs, and it is exactly the same as, you know, when movie started, the scene where fireworks are across the castle. It was amazing.

I’ve heard the size of Hong Kong Disney land is nothing compare to Disney world in Florida but it leaves me with a big good mug and plenty of photos, so worked for me! 🙂

So now I present you the fireworks of Hong Kong Disney land!

Mulan part was my favourite. Does US Disney land does Mulan as well?

3 thoughts on “Fireworks with Disney moment”

  1. There are three different evening shows at Disney World, Wishes at the Magic Kingdom which is fireworks, Illuminations at Epcot which is a mix of fireworks and lasers and video, and then Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios which is live action, video and fireworks.

    None of them feature Mulan, but they are all amazing and you should definitely head out to Florida some day to see them 🙂

  2. Weren’t the fireworks amazing?!? The production was wayyyy more than I’d imagined and it was great to sing along with the songs. I haven’t been to the Disneyland in Hong Kong, but I visited Disney in Florida last year. It was magical!

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