Find Yours… I Found Mine.


Exactly one year ago, I took my first step as a full-time travel blogger. So what’s before that? Exactly a week earlier, I was a full-time mechanical Engineer who worked for a big corporation in Korea. I was simply unhappy. And the moment came, I decided to stop being unhappy.



I spilled the bucket; I said ‘no more bucket list for me’.


This wasn’t exactly a logical process to a lot of people, especially the people around me: my family and friends back home. They called me delusional, spoiled, non-sense, selfish and many more hurtful names and still do, but I truly believed and followed one thing I care the most: happiness.


Why can’t we be happy? Why can’t I? I’m a happy and positive person. So why I have to keep making myself miserable?



At Tiger Leaping Gorge in China - Found My Calling


I found my Calling.


To adventure, to explore, and to challenge. I found my strength inside of me that I didn’t know I have. Against all odds, I stood up for myself, and claim my happiness. You see, no matter what you do and where you live, living non-conventional lifestyle isn’t the easiest thing in the world. And the countries like Korea? Forget it.  But I did, I finally call it a day. I knew it was the time to stop.



So am I happy? Yes I am.


To be honest, it’s not easy to maintain life without a monthly paycheck. Life of a blogger and freelance writer is like having a double edge sword; there are plentiful of opportunities to take, which is very exciting thing, but also I have to make an effort to take the opportunities out there. No one hands anything. It’s different than working for other people in the office. Everything I do is for myself; the output is all toward me. If I don’t do a very good job, it directly connects to a failure. That’s why we have to do things we love.



Because I’m doing things I love, I can take the chance. Because of the inspirations I find on the road, I’m happy to take the chance. No matter how hard it is, I’m extremely grateful to take the chance and to stand with my own feet. If you stick to what you truly care, amazing things would happen. That seems like an awfully vague statement, but that’s what I believe. I’m a believer.



I’m thankful for the opportunity to working with Expedia via #ExpediaFindYours campaign along with other inspirational travel bloggers out there.


I think, I found mind – I found my Calling.


What is yours?



10 thoughts on “Find Your Calling: To Travel, To Explore, To Challenge”

  1. I love this campaign and really enjoy reading all the stories about how my favorite bloggers found theirs. Good for you, Juno. Keep living the dream. Perhaps soon our paths will cross and I’ll tell you about how I said goodbye to my own cube amongst mechanical engineers. 🙂

  2. Juno – I so admire you for going ahead with your dream, without the support of some of those close to you. I have traveled from a young age and its sometimes difficult going with your dream of traveling, when others do not understand the passion. Twenty years later I am still ignoring “them” and living my dream of travel!

  3. Congrats on finding your calling. This was an inspiring post like many of the others I have read here. Like many others I’m still trying to find mine. I hope my time traveling next year will lead me in the right direction.

  4. It requires a lot of mental strenght and bravery to get out of the predetermined way others had planned for you. Something similar happened to me when I quit my job… Noone supported me, on the contrary, many people had hurtful attitudes too. Admittedly, they hurted me at first, but I no longer take notice of them. Our life is ours, and it’s the only one we are going to have, so make the most of it! One’s family and relatives not always understand our feelings about certain thins or our ambitions and expectations about life. They want you to be happy, BUT in their own way. It doesn’t work like that, right?

    I like your sincereness writing! 🙂

  5. I have always admired your posts even before I started writing my own stories. You continue to be an inspiration and I am happy for your happiness. 🙂

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