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My latest ambitious project, the Asian Women’s Empowerment Conference is this week. The idea was simple: to inspire people. In spite of a clear objective, however, the journey has been rough. As a non-professional-event-organizer who’s also not-from-KL (the event venue), I’ve encountered unforeseen obstacles all along the way. Some of these challenges came from my own inexperience; others came from the inexplicable lack of commitment from others. I have seen the good and the bad in people, experienced unprofessional and untruthful behavior, gotten hurt, and lost faith in myself and in others from time to time. But most importantly, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve always said the last two and a half years of my life have been quite intense, but these last few months in particular have been some of the most difficult and intense. But, I’m glad. I’m a stronger, more self-aware person now because of the past.



I can’t say I’ve done a good (or a bad) job since the event is still a few days away (you know, anything can happen!), but I’m glad that I at least tried to make a difference. I want people who might be in the same position as I was two and a half years ago to know that they can do anything they want in life. Regardless of your goals, or your current situation, you are the one who makes the decision on how to direct your future. Not your family, your boss, your friends, or anyone else. Also, and equally important to understand, is that making your dream come true doesn’t have to be separate you from your friends and family. You don’t have to go against all social norms, you just have to know exactly what you want in life, and try to find a way to make it happen. I hope I can deliver this message clearly through this small event.


I couldn’t have done it (again, it’s not done yet!) without all the wonderful people around me. Friends who helped me in KL, my wonderful speakers, partners who believed in my vision, friends and family who supported my unrealistic project… I’m grateful for all of this positive support. When the dust of the project has settled, I’ll be sending a formal thank you note to everyone involved. I’m probably too emotional now to convey my thoughts and thank yous as clearly as I would like. For now, thank you to everyone who has been involved from the beginning, thank you to those who have recently come on board, and thank you to everyone I’ll be meeting in a few weeks.



After many months of trials and tribulations, I’m happy to report that our Asian Women’s Empowerment Conference will be held at the 5 Elements Hotel in Chinatown of KL. Most of the attendees and speakers will be staying at Back Home Kuala Lumpur. You can see the schedule of this three days of event above; we will start with a food tour, as that’s what everyone should do when they come Malaysia. I can’t wait to meet everyone. Please email me if you wish to participate in AWE ’13. It will be the event of the year!


Let’s do this!



 Thanks to our friends Sedunia Travel, the 5 Elements Hotel, Batik Loetjoe, Back Home Kuala Lumpur, and many more who supported this wonderful project. 


5 thoughts on “Empowering Asian Women: AWE ’13 This Week”

  1. Geraldine Nathen

    Hi Juno,

    I was truly inspired and empowered reading about you and the M’sian journalist on the article “Women living their dream” in the Sunday Star of 3rd Nov,. I do travel alone too and love the idea of continuing on more journeys.

    Is it too late to register for the conference in KL?

    thanks a bunch,

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